03/16/17 7:30am

17 William Street Newburgh NY

This has the potential to be a quaint house, but the inside might be a can of worms. The red box with the “X” means first responders should proceed with caution when entering. Surprisingly the exterior looks to be in good condition despite the apparent neglect. The cornice detail is lovely but the porch might not hold up much longer. This is a privately owned home. For detailed information, check the Orange County tax records.

There are over 700 abandoned or vacant properties in the City of Newburgh. Habitation of these properties is vital to the revitalization of the city. 17 William Street Newburgh NY Google Map

03/14/17 7:30am

32943728490_1b6915e65b_zAll photos © Brian Wolfe

By now most of you probably have heard about the recent train derailment in Newburgh last week. Thankfully no one was killed or seriously injured. The major concern isn’t just about the danger of the derailment itself, but of the harmful materials these trains can carry, and their proximity to a proposed pipeline. Many people feel this is a literal bomb waiting to happen. There are plenty of news articles that covered this event like this one from NBC.

Huge shout out to Brian Wolfe who takes the most amazing photographs of Newburgh! Thanks a million! 

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03/13/17 11:45am


A little over two weeks ago SodaCova Group announced that we would be seeing a new roof over at 2 Liberty Street. The installation work has begun. They have also begun securing the east wall to rebuild the missing brick wall. It is very encouraging to see this building on the brink of demolishing being rehabilitated.

The storefront will eventually be restored as commercial space and the upper floors will become apartments. A grand opening is planned when the work has been completed. Stay tuned for updates.


03/09/17 7:30am

87 William Street Newburgh NY

If we have spoken lately, you know I love William Street. It’s scary, but it is a great commercial corridor that has adapted to be more residential over the years. Many storefronts have been converted into apartments, buildings are vacant and crumbling, and overall you probably wouldn’t feel very safe. If you can see past the broken glass and graffiti, there is potential and value here. And those original windows? Keep them!

This particular property is for sale by the City of Newburgh for $11,900. For detailed information, check the Orange County tax records.

There are over 700 abandoned or vacant properties in the City of Newburgh. Habitation of these properties is vital to the revitalization of the city. 87 William Street Newburgh NY Google Map

03/07/17 7:30am

36 Dubois Street Newburgh NY

Meet Andrew Luy, a finance man by day, and sculptor by night. He is busy restoring his dream home on Dubois Street that he acquired through the Newburgh Community Land Bank. Andrew invited me by to see the progress of his home renovation adventures. Judging the exterior it might not look like much is happening but, Andrew is very busy preparing his home.

He fell in love with this home and essentially bought it sight unseen. Proximity to Downing Park was very attractive to him and he genuinely loves all of the quirks and kinks of his circa 1855 home. A little investigation revealed that 36 Dubois was the Wm. HG Repp School of Music in a 1922 record. Andrew would love to find out more.

The friendship he has developed with his neighbor, Yvonne was evident as they discussed some holiday lights he found inside. He says she is a long-time Newburgh resident and knows everyone in the neighborhood. Once his home is finished, Andrew plans on inviting her over for dinner.

Andrew undsterstands Newburgh’s issues. However, he said “one good neighbor turns into two, then three, and so on.” He plans on being that good neighbor. Newburgh is fortunate to have you Andrew! Scroll down to see where his home is now. Remember, it is still a work in progress.



The hallway console table. Andrew found this slab on Craigslist. It’s the perfect size for this long hallway.


The living room with a deck that looks onto the backyard. There is a fireplace that Andrew plans on sprucing up and perhaps he might even get it working again.


The bay window. Andrew had a window seat made so that he can enjoy the sunlight.


Views of the backyard off the deck. It still needs a lot of work. Eventually, Andrew would like to make this a studio to work in.


Throughout the home, Andrew has placed his sculptures. Some are completed, while others are still in their wire and clay form. This one is located in the dining room. The kitchen cabinets are still in boxes, but Andrew is particularly excited about beginning work on his kitchen.


Back at the staircase, you get a glimpse of the first-floor bathroom. Andrew has a friend that will create a stained glass transom to replace the missing one above the bathroom door.


At the top of the staircase, there are these gothic-shaped windows that are mirrored on the front and back of the house. It’s details like these that make the house quite special. There are smaller versions in the foyer.


This is the window at the front of the house. It is a tiny room that Andrew plans to use as his meditation room. All the jars you see on the floor came from the attic!

Great Bull Coffee Kingston NY

Does anyone know anything about Great Bull Coffee from Kingston, New York?


A quirky miniature door in the meditation room. It’s actually a very deep closet!


This is the upstairs bathroom with a curved wall. The curve is mimicked in the adjoining bedroom.


The curved wall is on the left wall of this bedroom.


This was my favorite room. Light, bright and airy. This room also has interesting windows.

FullSizeRender (2)

Sharing one’s home is very personal. I want to thank Andrew for sharing his home even though it is still in the renovation phase.