10/01/18 11:30am

The Newburgh Pottery had a grand opening party Saturday, after a full day of Newburgh Open Studios. Not only is it amazing we have our very own pottery studio in Newburgh, but the location is very significant. Located inside Atlas Industries, this was once a closed off scary building. The Spring Street side sees plenty of love as the main entrance to other studios. Now the studios on South William Street are really making a difference for people who choose to walk or park here.

Good things are happening on South William and more to come! Head to the Newburgh Pottery if you are a seasoned potter or just want to learn a new craft.

09/25/18 7:30am

If you crave NYC shwarma or a good falafel, look no further than Water Street! Rafka’s Table food truck is serving up Lebanese style street food favorites like baba ghanoush and tabbouleh. The husband and wife team, Christopher and Rebecca, are there Monday to Friday 11 am – 3 pm. They accept cash and cards and better yet, they are available for events!

Check out their Facebook page or email them at rafkaslebanesecuisine (at) gmail (dot) com.

A few more details from Rebecca:

“Chris is a veteran and was in the US coast guard. He is Greek and added his heritage to the menu by adding his favorite, the gyro! Rebecca- or Rafka in Arabic is where our truck name derived from. I am Lebanese and why we cook the food we do.

Why the truck? It is hard to find Mediterranean food in the area so we thought why not. We love cooking, interacting with people so this allows us to do what we love…and do it together. It also allows us to spend time with our four children Xavier (11), Dominique (6), Malia (5), and Mason (2 months). It lets us teach them that they too can follow their dreams.

Why Newburgh? We love this city. Every part of it. It’s diversity, sense of community, abundance of activities….all of it.”


09/21/18 7:30am

The gates are coming down at 159 Broadway and making room for a new architectural salvage business, Hudson Valley House Parts. Owner, Reggie Young, is a veteran when it comes to restoration of old buildings with many years spent in NYC and Hudson, NY.

After spending the night at an AirBnb in the city Reggie fell in love with Newburgh. He knew he wanted his business to be on Broadway. He envisions it being a “designers row” with windows lit up at night, and he’s putting his money where his mouth is. Yesterday he had the security gates removed so that the windows will be completely visible. It makes sense. The large space in his building is perfect for the large items an architectural salvage business carries. Most storefronts on Broadway are massive, once being home to department stores like Sears and Woolworth’s. Finding tenants can be difficult, which is why many are either empty or occupied by churches with large congregations. The DMV is now in the old Woolworth’s building.

Reggie has a following and expects that his customers will follow him to Newburgh. Stay tuned for Reggie’s full fascinating story and a date for the grand opening party! Below is a sneak peek at some of the items he will be carrying.

09/20/18 7:30am

Cream Vintage is the new retro cousin of Cream Boutique, now on Liberty Street selling vintage and high-end consignment. There’s nothing better than searching for one of a kind finds after brunch or buying a chocolate croissant. You can find everything from Christian Louboutins to Woolrich. Although the store is stylish, I found the items to be affordable. Clothing ranges from $14.99 and up and I saw accessories even cheaper.

Cream Vintage is also accepting items from the public to sell. Profit is split with clients depending on the item. They are closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

08/29/18 7:30am

Newburgh has been on fire as summer comes to a close on the city. In the past week, we have seen the opening of three new storefronts, although I only made it to the opening of two – Newburgh Flour Shop and Field Trip.

This year alone, unused boarded up space has returned to retail use. It feels like such a privilege to have shops as beautiful as the new bakery and Field Trip choose Newburgh as their homes. These businesses – all businesses, could be anywhere, but those chose Newburgh. With a line out the door and crowds spilling out on to the sidewalks, this is what life should be like downtown.

Photo via Newburgh Flour Shop

08/14/18 7:30am

M. Lewis, the newest kid on the block is now open on Liberty Street. It is a men’s lifestyle boutique, but really there is something for everyone. This shop has always housed a plumbing business since before 1904. It is literally the first time in over 100 years that a new retail use has opened here. This is truly exciting for Liberty Street, gaining a new retail location on the east side of the street. For many of us, it’s the first time we have ever seen past the closed blinds that used to shut off this storefront. It balances Cream Boutique that caters to women and children.

Shop owner, Mike Carter, was born in the Bronx and raised in New Jersey. Owning a shop was always a lifelong dream for the stylist. Since opening, he has seen many a curious passerby intrigued by his newly opened space. He has used some of the remaining plumbing hardware and memorabilia left behind as props in the store and plans to restore the original sign out front. Shop small, and support local businesses!

M. Lewis Men’s Lifestyle Boutique
Tentative Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 12-7pm
Location: 110 Liberty Street