09/20/18 7:30am

Cream Vintage is the new retro cousin of Cream Boutique, now on Liberty Street selling vintage and high-end consignment. There’s nothing better than searching for one of a kind finds after brunch or buying a chocolate croissant. You can find everything from Christian Louboutins to Woolrich. Although the store is stylish, I found the items to be affordable. Clothing ranges from $14.99 and up and I saw accessories even cheaper.

Cream Vintage is also accepting items from the public to sell. Profit is split with clients depending on the item. They are closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

08/29/18 7:30am

Newburgh has been on fire as summer comes to a close on the city. In the past week, we have seen the opening of three new storefronts, although I only made it to the opening of two – Newburgh Flour Shop and Field Trip.

This year alone, unused boarded up space has returned to retail use. It feels like such a privilege to have shops as beautiful as the new bakery and Field Trip choose Newburgh as their homes. These businesses – all businesses, could be anywhere, but those chose Newburgh. With a line out the door and crowds spilling out on to the sidewalks, this is what life should be like downtown.

Photo via Newburgh Flour Shop

08/14/18 7:30am

M. Lewis, the newest kid on the block is now open on Liberty Street. It is a men’s lifestyle boutique, but really there is something for everyone. This shop has always housed a plumbing business since before 1904. It is literally the first time in over 100 years that a new retail use has opened here. This is truly exciting for Liberty Street, gaining a new retail location on the east side of the street. For many of us, it’s the first time we have ever seen past the closed blinds that used to shut off this storefront. It balances Cream Boutique that caters to women and children.

Shop owner, Mike Carter, was born in the Bronx and raised in New Jersey. Owning a shop was always a lifelong dream for the stylist. Since opening, he has seen many a curious passerby intrigued by his newly opened space. He has used some of the remaining plumbing hardware and memorabilia left behind as props in the store and plans to restore the original sign out front. Shop small, and support local businesses!

M. Lewis Men’s Lifestyle Boutique
Tentative Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 12-7pm
Location: 110 Liberty Street

07/25/18 7:30am

A new way to get fit is now available in downtown Newburgh. Orchard Valley CrossFit has made their home on South Colden Street, just steps away from the Newburgh Brewery and the Newburgh Rowing Club.

CrossFit is like a having a personal trainer in a small group setting of no more than 10 individuals. Each day, each work out is different and members never have to work out alone. The goal is to train for longevity, getting your body to function the best it can for your lifestyle.

Coach Nick and Coach Penny are excited to share their knowledge and love of CrossFit. Penny is a nurse practitioner that works in the City of Newburgh. She has witnessed first hand the high rate of diabetes in the local population. She believes CrossFit can even reverse certain types of diabetes when accompanied by proper nutrition. They plan to offer free classes to City of Newburgh youth and discounts for first responders, military, and nurses.

The duo found their gym location on Craigslist. They liked that it was walkable from different ends of the city, and the warehouse offers the space they need for amenities like a kids room and a hangout loft. They are already making connections with their neighbors, using ColorCube for t-shirts and signs.

Some workouts will involve outside exercises. Don’t be surprised if you see them at the corner of Renwick and Colden! They plan to have their grand opening in August. Follow them on Instagram for up to date announcements.

07/06/18 12:38pm

Downing Park, the gem of the City of Newburgh is coming back to its full potential thanks to the resurgence of the Shelter House. The cafe plays the role of headquarters to all the new events and activities happening this summer. Come take a look this Saturday for a summer preview! The ribbon cutting ceremony will be at 11am.

05/04/18 7:30am

More exciting news for South William Street. A new ceramics studio has been announced to open this June in Atlas Industries in a studio space facing South William. Called The Newburgh Pottery, the website says they will be offering communal ceramics workspace in a 2,500 square foot studio. They will also offer 8 week courses, workshops, and studio memberships.

According to their Instagram posts, the will have a small showroom, kiln room, glaze mixing room, and air purification system. The build-out should begin very soon. This complements the news released last month of a new restaurant and venue space to open directly across the street at 109 South William Street.

Photos via Instagram