09/26/17 7:30am

Past the Flats on Liberty Street, a new coffee shop called Deja Brew is in the works. They will hold their grand opening this Saturday to showcase the coffee shop and artwork in conjunction with Newburgh Open Studios. The address is 15 Liberty Street, opening at 11 am.

SodaCova Group has restored the storefront from its conversion to an illegal apartment in an effort to bring retail and foot traffic south of Washington’s Headquarters. This section of Liberty Street actually has the most continuous retail and commercial spaces available along the business corridor. Some of the storefronts are apartments, others abandoned or unoccupied. There are also two factory/manufacturing spaces with endless possibilities and the Liberty Street School being developed by RipRapp.

SodaCova is putting their money where their mouth is by rehabilitating 2 Liberty Street, a building that was guaranteed to be torn down had they not come along. They are hoping to have the windows installed before winter, and to debut a new ground floor space next spring.

09/12/17 7:30am

I’ve been following a show called the Small Business Revolution that works with a chosen small town to develop local businesses and boost the local economy. If you have some time during your lunch break, check out this video that sums up what the show is about. Professionals help with marketing and other areas that a small business might overlook. It is quite competitive to be the selected town but fortunately, they share their methods and advice. Season 2 will be streaming soon. Newburgh can relate to these towns in many ways.

09/11/17 11:30am

This past Saturday was the soft opening of new coffee shop, blacc vanilla. Located at 197 South Street just east of Downing Park, this new meeting spot will soon be an anchor to the north end of the city and South Street. Decorated in a dark urban vibe, playing catchy tunes, blacc vanilla will easily draw you in to stay for a while. They will be open at 7am starting Monday, September 11th. There is a wonderful story behind this building and business. Can’t wait to share it with you soon!

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08/01/17 7:30am

Check out the new edition of the Downtown City of Newburgh neighborhood map. It highlights places for food and drink, shops, services, art and design, health and wellness, entertainment, parks, sightseeing spots and municipal services. Get your copy at any of the local businesses on Broadway or Liberty Street.

If you wish to join the other businesses and organizations that appear on this map or make a donation to help keep the map going, please email DowntownNewburgh@gmail.com or go to the newly created website.

They are accepting submissions from artists, graphic designers and photographers to be featured on the cover for a 4-month duration of each edition. If you would like to feature your work, please email a sample of your work to the email above.

This month’s feature artist is Fon Borrello.

06/28/17 11:30am

Healthier food options are returning to Liberty Street thanks to Caffe Macchiato owner, Chef Jodi Cummings, and her new juice bar The Daily Beet. Many of us enjoyed and missed the previous juice bar that existed in the same location, 118 Liberty Street. Talking to her neighbors and customers at the cafe, Jodi realized the community still wanted a place to grab quick and healthy food. A juice bar would give her the opportunity to apply her chef background in a new way towards juices and smoothies. It was a concept she would spend nine months working on before the doors finally opened in mid-June.

Chef Jodi has big plans for her juice bar. With her grab and go menu, she sees it as an option for people who don’t have the luxury to sit down at her cafe. There will be seasonal soups, salads, and sandwiches ready for pick up. She also plans to start prepaid juicing programs where fresh juices can be picked up every day for customers looking to detox or jump start a healthy regimen.

As someone who lives local to the area, she relates to those who don’t want to get into their car every time they want to buy something. That is why she will be expanding the juice bar to also become a small marketplace where customers can purchase locally sourced granola, jam, honey, syrup and more. Grass and Grit Farm will make monthly drops offs for members of their meat and egg share programs. Jodi says Newburgh has the highest amount of shares for Grass and Grit, than any of their other locations.

Jodi is also committed to making the Daily Beet be certified in zero impact waste. All of the materials are biodegradable, yes even the cups and utensils are made out of 73% less plastic. And all of that leftover juice pulp? It will be given away to be used in gardens or farms.

The Daily Beet will be open 7 days a week, hours 9-4, subject to change. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or their website.

The Daily Beet name is a nod to cops walking the “beat” and the unfair reputation placed on Newburgh. Jodi wanted to place a positive spin on the name.

Check out the entire menu of juices and smoothies. The names for the drinks were named after crayons. Rewards cards and protein booster options will be coming soon.

This mural is an 1800’s botanical print recreated for the juice bar by Ricardo Ramirez.

The countertops came from an old high school science lab. Pennies were used to fill in the gaps were poles used to run through it.

The Grass and Grit egg share. You can sign up for at www.grassgritfarm.com/csa. The will be at the Daily Beet once a month for their drop off where you can also purchase eggs for the day.

06/13/17 7:30am

Newburgh’s newest brewery, Graft  Cider, had their first pop-up last weekend. Located a little further west, this section of Ann Street doesn’t see the same foot traffic as other commercial corridors. All the more reason to check out what goes on behind their closed doors. The pop-up gave everyone a chance to tour the brewery, sample tastings, and hang out at the makeshift beer garden next door.

This was the first of more pop-ups to come. Graft plans on opening their doors every second Saturday during the warm months. Make sure to check out their Facebook page for announcements.