09/22/15 11:30am


Last Saturday was a very special event in the City of Newburgh. The Salo Project is an underground pop up dinner founded by Filipina chef, Yana Gilbuena, who has been touring all 50 states bringing Kamayan style (hands on) Filipino food. Held at the Atlas Studios Warehouse, 71 attendees ate with nothing but our bare hands. We sat next to strangers, made friends, giggled and marveled at this new culinary experience. The extras, when possible, were provided by local businesses in the City of Newburgh. New city residents and business owners Limegreen and Industrial Craft provided the candles. Palate Wine & Spirits provided the wine, and of course the beer came from the Newburgh Brewery.


One of the main reasons this event was so special was because just a few years ago, this warehouse was a bricked up barren shell. It would have been terrifying at night (and probably during the day). Tom and Joe at Atlas had the vision to see this building as something more. Ever since they moved in, the windows on Spring Street and South William glow at night. As a few others mentioned, sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to see the potential. City folk easily see it, but it was exciting to see native Newburghers from the town enthusiastic about the changes happening in the city.


Chef Yana Gilbuena at center, flanked by the gracious hosts Shay Sellars (left) and Diana Mangaser (right). The other exciting aspect of this event was that it was created by newcomers to Newburgh. Each new person that arrives always has a special talent or interest they bring to the city that makes it a more diverse and chaotic place to be. There’s more to explore and discover.

Thanks ladies for a wonderful night!










To fully appreciate all the progress at Atlas just look at what this building use to look like before.

And what it looks like now.



09/02/15 7:30am


On the evening of September 19, 2015, beginning at 6:30pm, SASRE Properties and DMRM, present SALO: Newburgh, a chef’s table experience. The event will be hosted by Atlas Studios, located at 11 Spring Street, Newburgh, NY 12550.

The Salo Project is an underground pop up dinner founded by Filipina chef, Yana Gilbuena, who has been touring all 50 states bringing Kamayan style (hands on) Filipino food. Read more about here here: instagram, and here: project blog.

“We thought bringing Yana to Newburgh just made sense. She uses her craft to build community and has launched her own Filipino food movement across all 50 states, while bringing together like-minded individuals at each stop. SALO: Newburgh is a great opportunity for the Newburgh community and beyond, to come together and get our hands dirty, share stories, form new relationships, and have a great time.”

Food will be sourced locally from Cowberry Crossing Farm, which is a Certified Organic and Certified Biodynamic small family farm located in Claverack, New York. Local wine and beer sponsors are Palate Wine & Spirits and the Newburgh Brewery.

Tickets are $50, and includes a multiple course dinner, as well as wine and beer. To purchase go to: https://eatfeastly.com/meals/d/19328128/salo-newburgh/?rf=fwebbrowpopu

-Photo credit SaloSeries


06/18/14 7:30am


Photographer, Ruedi Hofmann took these amazing photographs of a Mexican Vaquero Rodeo next to the Newburgh Armory a few weeks ago called Rodeo Tierra Caliente. According to Ruedi there was a great turn out, 300-500 in attendance with great music, great food and families. Also in attendance were Senator William J. Larkin, Jr and William Kaplan. The next Vaquero Rodeo will be June 22nd.

According to the United States census, Latinos or Hispanics make up 47.9% of the population in the City of Newburgh. There is a lot to be seen in this city with a population just under 30,000!

All photos © Ruedi Hofmann
















09/12/13 7:30am


Festival Independencia de México 2013.
Saturday September 14, 2013 • 12pm – 8pm

Newburgh Armory Unity Center, 321 South William St. Newburgh NY

Press release:

Join Hermanos Unidos for its Mexico’s Independence celebration,a day full of tradition and culture to share with the community. Free entry and open to the public, doors open at 12pm.

It’s been over 200 years since Mexico has been independent from Spain. The pride of that feat has not lessened over time. Every year on September 15, hundreds gather together to celebrate the momentous date. In Mexico local mayors and politicians re-enact the famous speech of “Grito de Dolores” followed by dances and civic festivals. Mexicans that live abroad bring their celebration with them. Some people mistake Cinco de Mayo, or May Fifth as Mexico’s Independence Day. Cinco de Mayo actually celebrates the victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

This year Hermanos Unidos is hosting this celebration for the second year, featuring Mexican folk dance performances, food from local vendors, traditional and live music from local community groups, for all to enjoy. For more information feel free to contact us.

Hermanos Unidos is a nonprofit organization that has as main goal to help the community of Newburgh regardless of country of origin, race, religion or political preference; that at the same time works to improve the environment of the community.

05/10/13 7:30am


This Saturday at 7:00pm at 346 Broadway, Newburgh El Solar Cafe will be having live music. They will be presenting Contemporary Andean Jazz, from an amazing group that will be bringing a unique show from the Andes culture. They often have live performances like flamenco or salsa. A nice cultural addition to the Latin venue’s in Newburgh.

El Solar Facebook Page.

02/08/13 9:15am

Newburghers hang out outside The Wherehouse Bar & Restaurant for Newburgh Brewing Company’s Launch party

Interesting, accessible people are rarely found in the heart of a city. Rents are high, much has already been done; there are too many barriers to entry. So where do we see them? Williamsburg, Astoria, South Philly, Fishtown.

Sure, in some cases it takes a good hour to commute to the center of the action (for work or play), but these communities develop their own independent and innovative character. They have creative businesses, bars, restaurants, concert venues, art galleries, food markets, coffee shops, parks and of course, the residents themselves.

As you walk down the street in Williamsburg or South Philly, you pass an entirely different kind of person than in Manhattan. They are the risk takers, the innovators, the critical thinkers, and the creators. They are the students of the arts waiting tables to fund their project; they are the young professionals that would rather have a loft apartment for half the cost it would be to live 10 minutes from work, and drink a good beer in a bar that’s rough around the edges but you always meet someone…well, worth meeting.

They are  interested in the status quo only to the extent that it needs to be periodically reevaluated.  And these communities are where that reevaluation–that redefinition–happens.

That’s Newburgh. The City Away From The City.

50 minutes from Manhattan–a great commute for doing work on the train or catching some extra Z’s–Newburgh is where the artists see the next Renaissance, the historians reacquaint with Washington, musicians see the new wave, and investors see the new opportunities for restoration. Newburgh is where a young professional can forgo the cookie-cutter condo or 3-bed/2-bath suburban sprawl, and instead steal a historic home in need of repair, and spend less buying and repairing it than any typical first home purchase. Not to mention the greater potential for it to appreciate in value.

Newburgh is the citygoer’s refuge from the hustle and bustle. For a fraction of the cost of any Manhattan real estate, in Newburgh you can live like a king. And with 2 months’ worth of the money you’ve saved on your mortgage, you can buy a seaworthy sailboat off of Craiglist to take out on the Newburgh Bay of the Hudson on the weekends.

Newburgh is the New Brooklyn, the New Astoria, the New South Philly or New Fishtown. Where these communities were once up and coming, they’ve up and came. And Newburgh is next.