05/06/14 11:30am


The moment I saw 420 Grand Street I knew it could be a contender for John Foreman’s Big Old Houses column in the New York Social Diary. Thankfully, he agreed and took a trip to Newburgh to further discover the home. His tour has way more details, photos, and historical background than the real estate listing. If you loved what you saw the last time, definitely check out John’s tour! I particularly love the photo he was able to get below. Thanks John for coming to Newburgh!


01/30/14 7:30am


Another Rescue Me home is going to be saved! We showed you 55 Chambers last June. It is a good section of Chambers Street to consider rehabilitating a home since a lot of activity has been happening between Broadway and 1st Street. Habitat has already done a housing blitz tearing down and rebuilding two homes. The land bank also has plans to rehabilitate two buildings and to move their offices into one of them. Habitat for Humanity is spearheading this home at 55 Chambers which they started during MLK day. I can’t to see what it’s going to look like when it’s done! Check out the photos below, this house was only for those with experience. The entire place has been gutted. There are plenty more wonderful properties you should keep your eye out for on Chambers. All photos have come from Habitat for Humanity’s Facebook Fanpage. Become a fan!

55 Chambers Collage



11/12/13 12:00pm


The Monell Mansion on Grand Street is soon just going to be a distant memory with the rate of decay that is now happening to it. Brian Wolfe who grew up in the home until 1962 went back to take these photos on September 21, 2013 during an open house. My, how things have changes since the last time we looked at it. Things have been stolen, mold is growing, walls are cracking and floors are falling. It will take a couple hundred thousand to fix up this huge home. I hope that by posting these pictures someone out there with either a fat wallet or some ingenuity can figure out how to save the Monell Mansion, 288 Grand Street. The photos are so sad. No McMansion will ever give you crown moulding or wood paneling like this. Even the beautiful bathroom tile goes all the way up to the ceiling! There is also a carriage house that is collapsing out back.

You can see other coverage of the Monell Mansion from Newburgh Restoration here.

All photos © Brian Wolfe



Monell Collage 1





Monell Collage 2










11/05/13 9:30am


If you would like to see an inside peek of some of Newburgh’s historic homes, consider attending the Newburgh Candlelight Tour on Sunday, December 8th. This year will be it’s 30th year running!

This year’s tour honors the memory of Don Herron, who drew the artwork that graced the Candlelight Tour booklets for the past two decades. A special exhibit of his artwork and drawings will be displayed at the Crawford House, courtesy of a generous grant by the Orange County Arts Council.

Purchase tickets here.

10/28/13 9:30am


Habitat for Humanity in Newburgh just dedicated its 68th house on their 14 anniversary at 43 E. Parmenter Street. If you have a chance, walk, don’t drive down E. Parmenter. It has turned into a lovely little neighborhood full of quaint rowhomes mostly consisting of homeowners who have put in many hours working with the organization to be able to purchase their homes.


Do you remember what this lot used to look like in March? A huge transformation!


– All photos from Habitat for Humanity Newburgh

10/24/13 9:30am


The Candlelight Tour hosted by the Historical Society brings out some of the biggest crowds to Newburgh each year. People like you and me and gawk and all the gorgeous architecture that Newburgh has to offer. However, it seems the same homes are on tour every year and a request is going out for new homes to be featured this year. Part of the fun is getting to see new homes! Plus, you will be helping the Historical Society since this is their annual fundraiser.

Only the rooms the owner wishes need be shown like hall, parlors and maybe kitchen. No one needs to traipse through every nook and cranny. It is not a real estate tour.  The Society could provide volunteers who could house-sit a home if it is one that has owners not in town on December 8th.

If you are interested contact one of the following people below:

Warren Cahill – 562-5639 – jwcahill716@gmail.com
Sue Knieser – 564-4184 – sknieser@gmail.com
Carla Decker – 565-4352 – cdjeanie@aol.com
Bill Mocko – 562-6517

Photo © Johanna Porr