Visconti Diner Newburgh NY

A tipster sent in these images of the original façade of the old Lillian’s Family Diner, located at the corner of S. Robinson and Dickson Street that was recently revealed. It is pretty impressive to see that this existed underneath all that brick work, and that all the ornamental (steel?) is still intact. The tipster said the owner is planning to restore, and I certainly hope so. City records say the property was built c. 1940. It’s wonderful to see the progression of development in the city through its architecture.

The future of this property could surely help improve Newburgh’s image, as it is located on one of the gateway entry streets into the city.

Does anyone know for sure what the plans are? A new restaurant perhaps? For more details, see this post on Facebook.

Visconti Diner Newburgh

Some before pictures below from Google and city records.


Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 7.51.48 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 7.52.13 PM

Bernice Radle of Buffalos Young Preservationists made a splash with her Tedx talk. The thought I took away was that preservation is sexy! Young people are taking a stand in the preservation movement and Bernice is trying to get more of you involved. Preservation isn’t just for grandparents anymore. I loved her candid talk about the challenges aging cities like Buffalo and Newburgh face and ways to help preserve them. Take out a few minutes to learn why saving those old scary buildings we see everyday are worth saving! I think that #preservationissexy should be on all rescue me posts!

To read more about young people in preservation read this article.

Can Historic Preservation Handle the “Buffalove”? [Preservation Research Office]

Preservation is Sexy

09/09/13 10:30am

10 Liberty St. - Proposed Billboard

The photo above is what a proposed billboard will look like on a residential or commercial building. It is up for review at the next Architectural Review Commission meeting this Tuesday, September 10th. The commission would really like to hear how the public feels about such billboards on historic structures. If you would like to voice your opinion, attend the next meeting. 401 Washington St. 7:30 pm

07/17/13 7:30am


One of Newburgh’s oldest buildings with some of the richest early American history is in danger of destruction according to the New York History Blog. But there is still time left. Weigand’s Tavern is located at 326 Liberty Street, at the Northwest corner of the Old Town Cemetery.  According to the blog, “it is a relic of the American Revolution where many Revolutionary notables spent time.”

Efforts in the past to revitalize the building have come and gone various times throughout the past decades. Although the structure is in horrible shape and probably has very little to no historical details inside, this building is vital to Newburgh’s history linking it to the Palatine’s and the Revolutionary War.

The blog mentions that the property is in private hands. However, Orange County records show that in 2012 the property was sold back to the City of Newburgh for $15. If you love old buildings with rich stories and want to save one of Newburgh’s treasures before it is gone forever, this is an excellent candidate.

Photo: Weigand’s Tavern as it appears today (courtesy A.J. Schenkman)

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Nothing captures the alluring draw of  Newburgh’s charm and jaw dropping romantic appeal more than its magnificent historic architecture especially when  paired with those mesmerizing Hudson River and surrounding mountain-scape views.


What seems timeless is the passion of kindred spirits who continue to fall in love with Newburgh (and don’t necessarily need cupids love arrow to feel an unexplainable closeness to  this city and dedicated to its promising future).  It is a relationship that  many (with many more to come) have set on a journey for.


But like any relationship, making a commitment with Newburgh takes WORK, and as with any worthwhile relationship you enter into, you’re in it….FOR BETTER AND FOR WORSE.  But  once you  share your love and passion with it,  I believe the rewards with  Newburgh can be great!


So pictured here Newburgh Restoration Fans, is a celebration of romance specially compiled for  you, with images of  Historic Painted Ladies, Victorians and iconic city architecture that are  married to the  vistas of the Hudson…(Along Montgomery Street and Bay View Terrace).  It is quintessential Newburgh eye candy.


And if this makes you hungry for more, come and check out the amazingly affordable, potential restoration opportunities you can explore to create  your own future “eye candy”…remember, life can be like a box of chocolates, (you never know what your gonna get).  But if you don’t open that box., you may be missing out on experiencing “great taste” and “rewarding satisfaction” in your future!