1 Edward Warehouse with Collapsed Roof has SOLD


Remember the warehouse at 1 Edward that we shared? Many were upset that the listing did not include details about the decimated roof. We plain forgot that it collapsed last winter as well. Now we have amazing news. Last week a family from Brooklyn closed on the property! Even more amazing, the family shared with me that they bought and this property only because they found it on Newburgh Restoration!! In her own words:

I initially found the property through Zillow.com and found interior photo from your website. In fact, the white blank box that attracted me is an old photo. The current property condition is “a shell”.  No roof…collapsed this past winter due to snow. 1/3 of the 3 floor is gone…due to the roof collapse. And one side of the wall (not the one facing Renwick St) is partially gone too. Me and my husband were rather shocked & forgot to take a picture.

However, the story has a happy ending. We are pursuing the property, thanks to your “white open interior” photo. Otherwise, we would not make a trip to Newburgh yesterday morning. Thank you very much !!!

I am truly humbled and ecstatic that the website is having the reach I always hoped it would. They are a fashion industry professional and an artist. They plan to use the warehouse as living and work space. Through my conversations with the family this is perhaps my favorite quote of them all:

The neighbor artists called us ” brave”. Coming from Brooklyn, this was the sight we saw some 20 years ago in Brooklyn. Nothing to be scared of.

Here is what you will be able to see in the photos below:

  • The basement with black mold
  • The roof that collapsed
  • The collapse of the 3rd floor into the 2nd
  • Bricks that need repointing
  • A dumbwaiter elevator the family intends to keep
  • Old insulation fiber balls and damaged wood pieces all over floor

It is going to be a monumental task but the family is being positive keeping in mind the amazing Hudson River view they will have in the end. Enjoy the photos and we hope they will share the progress of the warehouse in our Home Renovations Adventures feature.


1 Edward Collage A






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  • This is a great story and great page overall. I am excited to close on my Newburgh home in April. It’s great everyone is coming together to breathe some life into these great buildings and homes.

  • Awesome story. Doesn’t matter where you’re from, a labor of love and sweat equity knows no boundaries.

  • That is absolutely OUTSTANDING News!!! This particular project will provide a resonating message of revitalization for the “Burgeoning Liberty Street Warehouse District”. And personally seeing Fort Greene, Park Slope and the Metrotech area of Downtown Brooklyn evolve, I can say, their attitude is “spot on”. Trepidation gets trumped by a passionate-gut feeling that you’re part of “something significant” and greater than any single project. BEST OF LUCK to them!!!

  • I often say it around town, but I will state it here for the record. If it were not for Cher’s dedication to Newburgh and the creation of this blog, we would NEVER have gone as far as we have in the past few years. Thank you, CHER!!!

    p.s. love that quote from Brooklynites “nothing to be scared of” 🙂

  • The former owner had big plans for the building also. Curiously the THR story about him in 2002/2003(?) cannot be found in their archives. He was a very well known artist. Although this new sign of life is exciting, we cannot dismiss the reasons the then (also exciting) plans for some of these buildings were abandoned- in recent history. The city government has chased many an investor away. It is always encouraging when newcomers are willing to face the risk head-on.

    Good luck to them! And thanks to Cher once again for keeping the connections coming!

  • Watanabe Studios owned the building from 2004 to mid 2013, the studio also was located in Brooklyn.
    The studio did prints of the woodcuts, linocuts and etchings by noted artist Sol Lewitt. Well wishes to the new owners.

  • This is an exciting welcome ! compare to my personal introduction to Brooklyn in 1990.
    gun shots…being stood up…drug dealers specially liked our carriage house(too bad, it was a rental)
    facade with search light on for their dealings. We used to count those small glass tubes many mornings ….
    Well….. those were good old times….
    Definitely, Brooklyn prepared us for Newburgh adventure.
    And, huge THANKS TO CHER !!!
    I don’t know whether people realize how vital Newburghrestoration.com was and is and will be for a long time
    to Newburgh restoration??? I think Cher should be awarded for what she is doing.

    And, such a small world, I found out Mr. Watanabe is residing in Bed-sty now through
    an artist neighbor Tetsuya. Hope to meet with him some day.

  • I am very humbled Lan. Thanks so much!

  • I have driven past this building a few times on the way to my inlaws.(they live right up the street) Work is being done on the building from the street you can look up through the building and see the sky. Just up the street there is one building that is falling down on it self (i call it the axel building becuase of sign that was on it) and there is also the liberty school that got a new roof but seems to have stalled since then(or maybe just doing interior work but doesnt seem like it)