Home Renovation Adventures: Tilted Wall

1 Edward

Bad news over at the 1 Edward renovation. Their newly installed wall is tilting 1-1/2″ outward. The owners will now have to have an architect and engineer review the situation before they can feel that it’s safe. As Lan said, “Never a dull moment.” This new issue delays the entire project and now they are quite sad they won’t be able to move in before Christmas. These are the realities of home renovation. We hope that they can speedily remedy the situation. See what the wall looked like below and follow the progress and 1 Edward via the links provided.

1 Edward Warehouse with Collapsed Roof has SOLD
Home Renovation Adventures: Removing a Collapsed Mega-Roof by Hand
Home Renovation Adventures: Debris Cleared at 1 Edward
Home Renovation Adventures: 1 Edward Update, Building New Walls


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