Columbia University Students want to meet YOU this Saturday Oct. 25th!

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Columbia University students will be out in full force this Saturday, October 25th in the City of Newburgh! They want to meet YOU, and learn how you interact, work, and play in the city. There will be 12 teams out and about and different locations from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

The teams’ stations are noted on the map and their focus or topics are listed on the right side along with their location. If the teams have social media page or account for their event it is also listed there. Those who visit multiple sites will receive a certificate of participation/appreciation as a thank you. To make this visit the most beneficial for students and Newburgh, please help spread to word to get a great turnout. Below are the group locations with their social media outlets. Click the images to enlarge.

Links to students work:

Urban Design Studio Website
Newburgh Foodie
The Web
Tweet the Creek

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  • I am so enjoying the short videos the students created, and their young, hopeful energy. This day should be a great one for bringing people out to see all the good things we already have and inspire residents to move in a positive and more unified direction.

    Thanks, Cher, once again, for making the connection with Justin and the rest. They would not be here if you hadn’t sparked the connection 🙂

    I heart Cher and NR!