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Thanks for visiting. Yes there is a need for businesses of all types in Newburgh. If you are unfamiliar with the restaurant scene in Newburgh, here’s a quick recap. There is the waterfront (a lot of fine dining and casual restaurants all owned by a few businessmen however, geographically it is cut off from the city) there’s the town (a lot of chain restaurants), there’s Broadway (ethnic food as well as deli’s, diners and some nicer restaurants coming up) and there’s Liberty Street (more so a cafe and bar scene at the moment). A modern Italian concept would be nice in Newburgh. I would probably suggest you look at Broadway and maybe try to be close to lower Broadway or near El Solar. El Solar has brought high quality dining to Broadway. Newburgh is pretty much a fresh canvas. But I’d definitely look at what is being done already. The Liberty Street businesses along with the ones on Broadway have started a nice alliance now promoting the area with Last Saturdays. The Liberty Street/Broadway section is a great corner to target because that is where activity is really heating up. Those businesses get together around once a month as does the Newburgh Professional & Business Association. Any of their meetings would be a great place to talk to other business owners about how a new restaurant could influence Newburgh. People definitely wish there were more options food-wise! Keep us updated if you make it over to Newburgh!