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All good ideas. Like lifeupriver’s list!! The majority of poor that are of Hispanic origin (about 47-52% of the local city) will eat at familiar places (i.e. probably not yours). Target demographic will more likely be the college kids, the newer residents who are coming up from the city (artists, new grads, etc) and the locals of surrounding areas looking for a well-curated menu. Market it well, and don’t sell anything too off the wall (i.e. there is not a huge demand for champagne vinegar at the moment-a Moo and Oink fail.). Visit the restaurants in the area, see what they offer, and at what price point things sell, and fill a missing niche. If you plan right, and you sound as if you do, there should be plenty of room for you to grow in Newburgh! p.s. go for the sandwiches and teach healthy to those who haven’t had a chance to try…


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