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There are a great deal of photographers who have moved to Newburgh recently. You’ll be in good company. There is literally a ton of wealth on this blog that can answer all your questions. This is the only site about the City of Newburgh that chronicles everything that is happening. I share renovation stories when the owners are willing to share. So if you move to Newburgh, please share your story with Newburgh Restoration! Very rarely has anyone shared the costs of their renovation. You can find homeowner stories in the following topics (drop down option just above blog posts):
Home Renovation Adventures
Meet a Newburgher

As far as good areas to buy, your efforts will be more rewarding if you pick an area that is already seeing concentration of other residents doing the same thing. I would say these are the places to start with:
The Heights (they have a good neighborhood association)
-Anything near Washington’s HQ
-Liberty Street (especially near WHQ) or Broadway
– Montgomery, Grand, Liberty Streets (MGL)
– Colonial Terraces
– Washington St, Ann St, Spring, E. Parmenter
– Anything near waterfront with a view
– Chambers in between Broadway and 1st
Quality Row
-Dubois St in front of Downing Park

As far as the cost of renovations go, there are 3 types of properties in Newburgh 1)those that are vacant and need gut renovations 2)those that are habitable, you can live in it as you do work 3)turn key. Most of these houses are over 100 years old. So unless it was recently renovated you can count on work needing to be done. Location and condition determine price. It also depends how much of the work you are willing to do yourself. Let me know if you have more questions.