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Gabriel, that is very exciting. I have found with the forum people are very hesitant to recommend contractors. I guess the experience varies with each client.

Inspector info: Here are 2 inspectors that do FHA inspections. It will cost you $900+ for this type of inspection.
Bob Newkirk , 845-876-7628

Contractors I know that work with 203k:
Mind you, this is not based on my experience, just what I know.
Sal’s Contracting is kind of the big guy in town. He is not cheap but has a reputation of quality work. Everyone’s experience is different.

Josh Mousseau – he’s worked on the Lace Mill Factory in Kingston, 197 Lander, he also won the bid for 96 Broadway. I also like the fact that he is invested in Newburgh as a partner of 2 businesses on Liberty Street. He recently just finished the facade of Palate Wine and Spirits (today!) for the ribbon cutting ceremony. I will be working with him, but I haven’t started my project yet. But those were all reasons I considered him. Very easy to reach via text/email.


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