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Ivon, check out the maps on this page (East End, Ward, Zoning)… . They do lack listing all the street names and, to add to the ambiguity, the wards comprise several zones which may comprise several neighborhoods. Newburgh in general is “spotty” as it is common to have a ‘desirable'(subjective) street run adjacent to or intersect a ‘less than so’ street. Each street often has a different ‘feel’ one end to the other and in between. “Walkabilty” is a buzzword that seems to imply some sort of urban norman rockwell utopia. Having grown up in Brooklyn, my standards and expectations are a bit more realistic. Neo-urbanism tends to be too sterile for me, lacking ‘soul’. By and large, I think Robinson Ave.(9W) running north/south acts as divider in terms of walkabilty, the east side being more so. The south side is more ‘active’, for better and worse. I suggest you actually walk the “neighborhoods” that interest you. Trust your gut, if the vibe isn’t comfortable move on. MGL?