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I’m a relative newcomer to Newburgh, having moved up from Bklyn (near Pratt!). One of my fondest memories and introduction to the significance of Newburgh in our nation’s history was making a visit and meeting Johanna Porr, who, at the time, led tours of Washington’s Headquarters on Liberty St. (She is now the Director of the Historical Society located on Montgomery St.)

The intersection of heritage and planning…that’s an interesting place to put yourself, because grappling with preservation and progress can get intense at times.

I think another person you may want to meet is Paul Halayko. one of the owners of the recently opened Newburgh Brewery. He and his partners took great pains to preserve some of the elements of the 100 yr old box factory that is now the brewery, and salute the Purple Heart and the history of Newburgh in their products…

Another person who has a wealth of information on Newburgh’s history through its architecture is Giovanni (John) Palladino…a native and architect in the city…

I think Cher can put you in touch with all these people..(or she can give you my contact info)…

Good luck!


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