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Importance of posters and signs

Hi everyone,
A month ago, I had an excursion with my family. Everyone was thrilled as it was an excursion going on after a long time. We enjoyed each moment a lot except in one place, a large exhibition center of old things. We face a lot of difficulties there due to the lack of proper signs and posters.
As a whole, we were visiting that place for the first time and not familiarize ourselves with the site. There were no people for legitimate direction too. We confronted a difficult stretch there as opposed to satisfaction.
From that experience, I understood the importance of properly placed and clearly explained posters.
Is anyone here who had experienced such similar situations?
What do you guys think about the importance of posters and signs?
I’m eagerly waiting for your reply.

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Of course, they are important. I have been using G Maps for navigation and over the years I have found, that nothing beats the local signages. Those maps are at times not as information in the last mile connectivity areas as the local signs and posters.

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