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Home Renovation January 4, 2021 at 12:50 am

New Carpet for house sale?

I am being convinced that I need to replace our entire 2nd floor (1,200sf) of wall to wall carpet in preparation to sell the house. The carpet in the main traffic areas in pretty worn, plus the dog has done plenty of damage in certain areas, so I don’t necessarily disagree it should be replaced. I don’t want to put in anything expensive since a buyer might say they don’t like it and it’ll be a waste of $ and carpet.

My question is, if you take out the “quality” component, is there a big difference between the cheap and expensive carpeting? In other words, I just want this carpet to look good for 90 days. (I think we should just tell buyers that we’ll give them a discount off of the price for new carpet, but other ‘advisors’ are telling me that I won’t get the most money for the house if the old carpet is still in it). Can I just go to Home Depot and get the cheap stuff and have it look good while the house is on the market? Or go to quality rug store like or
Thanks in advance.


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