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Home Renovation October 24, 2020 at 5:38 am

Window blinds!

Hey friends,
We have been using curtains for windows for a long time. The curtains quickly became dirty, and it was complicated to remove and wash. Currently we are renovating our home, so we decided to change the curtains and try some other window treatments connected with the renovation going on in the house.

Our biggest concern is that it should be cleaned very easily and maintain proper daylight in the room. We have two options, either window blinds or shutters. When discussed with my friend, she suggested buying window blinds. And then we have purchased stylish window blinds, which also adds aesthetic value to our home.
Friends, can anyone please tell the most effective method to clean the window blinds? How often should we need to clean them?

I hope you will share your experiences and tips on cleaning window blinds.


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