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Home Renovation October 31, 2020 at 3:22 am

Confused in choosing the best security measure for my home

Hi friends,
I’m a software engineer and working far from my home. So I now live in an apartment with my friends close to my workplace. I visit my house on the weekends.
There was an attempted burglary at my house last week. My sister saw and cried and was able to catch the thief. My family is terrified after this incident.
That is why I feel that a security system for home is essential. When I had a discussion with my friends, they suggested that it would be good to set a burglar alarm in my house. But my family was interested in assigning a security guard.
Now I’m in confusion in choosing the best security measure for my family. Can you please suggest to be the best method to ensure the safety of my house and family? Please share your valuable opinions, which would help me to make a decision.

General Newburgh Discussion October 26, 2020 at 1:36 pm

Refurbished coolers

Hey friends,
My mother is a housewife, and she knows cooking very well. She always used to experiment with new recipes. Cooking is a favourite for my mother, and she enjoys it very much. She also cooks for our acquaintances and friends if needed.
That’s when we decided to set a small bakery at our home for my mom. She was super excited and happy about the idea.
When discussed with my friend, her opinion was to buy a used, refurbished oven and cooler to set a bakery in our home to provide a professional look. So we decided to purchase the appliances required for setting up our new venture.
We visited a shop to buy a refurbished cooler, where we could find true brands and decided to buy from there.
Friends, I need your valuable suggestions on selecting the cooler. What to look for when buying them? Can you please share your opinions on this? Also, share tips regarding setting up a home bakery!

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