11/25/17 12:16pm

Desmond Campus Instructors’ Small Works Art Show

Mount Saint Mary College Desmond Campus art instructors will be hosting a small works art show.  Please join us for the artist’s reception on Sunday, December 3, from 1-3 pm, and enjoy the work of Desmond Campus art class instructors and the Desmond house decorated for the holiday.  This small works art show including jewelry is a great way to support local artists and purchase lovely gifts for the holidays. The instructors that will be participating in this show are Len DeVirgilio, Jodie Yeaple King, Gayle Clark Fedigan, Cynthia Harris-Pagano, Esther McHenry, Susan Minier, Judy Thomas, Roberta Rosenthal, Michele Dixler, and Bob Breur.  Desmond Campus for Adult Enrichment is located at 6 Albany Post Road in Newburgh, NY.  For more information and hours, please call 845-565-2076, the show runs till February 2018.

08/13/17 12:15pm

Safe Harbors joins the Hudson Valley Jazz Festival and brings live music and contemporary art together in the Ann Street Gallery for this unique artist reception on Saturday, August 19 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Guests will enjoy live music by local Jazz singer, guitarist Laura Wurster, accompanied by Jeff Wurster on keyboard. This event is free and all are welcome.

Most of us see the world in color, but rarely appreciate how it shapes what we see and feel. The Interaction of Colour exhibition looks at the various ways that contemporary artists make use of color in their work; to stir up an emotional response in the viewer or to create a message.

Color is often one of the most exciting components of an artwork and is an important visual element. The exhibition offers a selection of colorful expressions that allows viewer to discover just how vital a role color plays in the artists’ work as a visual descriptor.

On display, viewers will find a vibrant and diverse range of artworks that explore the sophisticated principles of color theory and the artist’s ongoing exploration into its use as a language.

Included in Interaction of Colour are over forty works by fifteen artists: paintings, drawings, sculptures and installation works. Each artist’s work chosen for its expressive and chromatic qualities, as well as, for being visually stimulating. These qualities combined, help to drawn the viewer in and create the opportunity for an even greater appreciation of color’s symbolic, cultural and historical meanings.

Even to the cursory viewer, it will be obvious that the exhibition is all about color. There are works that are intense, others profound and some vibrate as you look at them providing a challenging experience that the visitors can response to in unexpected ways.

Visit the gallery and discover for yourself the impact and meaning behind these lively and vivid works!

Featured artists: Cree Bruins, Susan Greer Emerson, Hilary Christensen, Jacquelyn Gleisner, Gloria Klein, Kristin LeVier, Mery Lynn McCorkle, Jill Levine, Christy Puetz, Conny Goelz-Schmitt, Sooo-z, Judy Thomas, Miranda Updike, Shawn Watrous and James Zingarelli.

The exhibition was curated by Virginia Walsh and will be on view through Saturday, October 14, 2017.

The Safe Harbors Ann Street Gallery is a nonprofit art gallery specializing in contemporary emerging and established artists. The gallery is located at 104 Ann Street in Newburgh, and hours are Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Friday through Saturday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., Newburgh Last Saturday until 8 p.m.

For more information regarding Interaction of Colour or the Ann Street Gallery, contact Virginia Walsh, Director at (845) 784-1146, vwalsh@annstreetgallery.org, or visit http://www.annstreetgallery.org.

03/30/17 1:00pm

SPACE CREATE is pleased to present paintings by Beacon artist Anna West. This exhibition, curated by Judy Thomas, shows the breadth of West’s painting oeuvre over the past decade. From landscapes, to cityscapes to her series ‘Film Stills’, the viewer will be taken in by the color, brushwork and point of view that she brings to each subject.

Before she began painting 20 years ago, Anna West was a photographer in Brooklyn and San Francisco. Her oils include land- and cityscapes, and surf and beach scenes, painted live or from movies watched on TV. When working from photos snapped on screen, she paints each frame into a new story, a new life.

OPENING RECEPTION Wednesday, April 12, from 4 to 7 P.M.

April 12-May 13.

Saturdays, 11am-2pm

01/09/16 4:25pm

January 30th 6pm to 11pm

WE are proud to invite you to our Third Year Anniversary of MASS ART SHOWCASES in Newburgh, NY.

During WINTER GALA, TERAN STUDIO is utilized to create a full exhibition of current artists living and working in the Hudson Valley. The compilation is considered to be one of the most exciting collections of outsider art in the area.

Eugene Stetz
Donna Destaso
Leslie Fandrich
Scott Prater
Brian Wolfe
Nikki Walker
Gypsy Lush
Meredith Caraher
Jodi Sibilia
Cody Rounds
William O’Keefe
Matthew Albanese
Maria Lago
Rick Rogers
Meech Borrello
Stephen Rose
Judy Thomas
Richard Taddei
Stephen Churchill
Thomas VanWinkle
Danielle VanHouton
Joe Radoccia
Anna West
Rachael Saltzman
Kevin Afellay
Jon Murphy
Christy Van Buren
Cisco Bliss
Ashleigh Nicole
Erica Hauser
Alissa Corrado
Eileen McAvery
William Noonan
Stephen Hoey
Jackie Skrzynski
Joe Pimentel
and Will Teran

Special Guest DJ FAR EAST


Its a holiday celebration.. dress to impress 😉

Join us as we help bring the creative community in the Hudson Valley together and once again fuel a progressive vision of the city’s bright future. Newburgh on the Rise.

See you all there


Will Teran
119 Broadway NBNY
845 401 5821

09/15/15 4:13pm
Saturday, September 19th, 3pm – 8pm…  297 Grand Street, Newburgh, backyard.  The weather promises to be summery! What a better way to celebrate the change of season than with a good old-fashioned lawn party!  The garden is still blooming and there will be Badminton, Croquet, Horseshoes and Trouble Ball! …  there is lots of space to spread out and enjoy!
Please feel free to bring something to share picnic-style (we may or may not be grilling).  Food, drink, good cheer! You are welcome to bring guest(s).  I may be missing someone in my invitation, as I don’t have my contacts updated, so please share. All ages!!  YES, you can bring the KIDS, parents, grandparents.
RSVP if you know you are coming in advance… or not, its OK if you are spontaneous!
And for those of you who don’t know already, Micheal Green is hosting a book exchange in the Carriage House 12-3pm. You are welcome to bring good condition books to donate or exchange, or pick up a book that interests you!
P.S. I am thinning out the garden this week, if anyone would like some sweet wild strawberry plants, I have starts….
Best, Judy Thomas ……phone & text 917-520-8971
08/25/15 7:30am

urban farmers

73 Bay View Terrace has new owners.  Alison Filosa and Larry King, longtime friends of Newburgh artist Judy Thomas, have just closed on their dream home.  Alison earned her Masters degree in Urban Planning from Hunter College and has a Horticulture certificate from Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  She has worked on the Highline in Manhattan, and is currently a John Nally intern at Wave Hill in the Bronx.  Larry King is the head of a high end residential design and metalworking shop based in Clinton Hill Brooklyn and is a motorcycle racing enthusiast.  They are looking forward to being part of of the Newburgh community. Welcome!

Whole House