Newburgh Restoration is a blog that began in December 2008 after being inspired by Newburgh blogger, Anna Dorfman who writes Door Sixteen. It is written by Cher Vick who is an urban planning graduate of Hunter College in NYC. The site averages 14,000 visits per month.

The objective of this blog is to be at the forefront of the Newburgh renaissance and encourage the revitalization of the city. I do this by encouraging economic development, new businesses, rehabilitation of houses (vacant and occupied), home ownership, resident interviews, and the Newburgh arts scene.

Newburgh Restoration has been the source of media contact for The New York Times, Chronogram Magazine, Preservation Magazine, The NY Social Diary, Al Jazeera, This Old House, HGTV and more. This coverage has resulted in new development: home purchases and restoration, new businesses, and an urban design study by Columbia University.

This blog does not cover topics that deal with politics, religion, or anything else that might be considered controversial.

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Newburgh Vintage Emporium is Expanding with Ware-house

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    This IS Newburgh

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    This IS Newburgh

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    The Slow Death of Stewart Air Force Base Barracks