07/16/19 4:07pm
Emily Hermant, Terrain Biennial 2015

Terrain Biennial Newburgh Open Call
Calling artists and residents

“The Terrain Biennial is an international exhibition of site-specific art made for front yards, porches, entryways, and windows. By re-purposing private spaces for public viewing, the exhibit encourages dialogue between neighbors, offers discovery and new perspectives, and increases access and visibility to art. The biennial is self-organized and based on collaboration.

Terrain Biennial Newburgh is an outpost of the 2019 exhibition, opening during Newburgh OPEN Studios. The exhibition’s theme is to take stock of the landscape by looking at the terrain we occupy, the built environment, and the topology of our moment. Artists and hosts should reflect upon the ways our environment changes us and how we change it. The exhibit runs September 28th through November 17th.

Want to participate as an artist or host? Email terrainbiennialnewburgh@gmail.com by Monday, July 29th for next steps. Visit terrainexhibitions.org for more information on Terrain Biennial.”


Alex Paik, Terrain Biennial 2017
10/01/18 11:30am

The Newburgh Pottery had a grand opening party Saturday, after a full day of Newburgh Open Studios. Not only is it amazing we have our very own pottery studio in Newburgh, but the location is very significant. Located inside Atlas Industries, this was once a closed off scary building. The Spring Street side sees plenty of love as the main entrance to other studios. Now the studios on South William Street are really making a difference for people who choose to walk or park here.

Good things are happening on South William and more to come! Head to the Newburgh Pottery if you are a seasoned potter or just want to learn a new craft.

09/26/18 7:30am

It’s September again, and that means Newburgh’s annual Open Studios is back! If you have ever thought about visiting Newburgh and didn’t know where to start, this is the weekend to visit. Not only will you gain inside access to spaces rarely open to the public, but you will also be to talk to people who really live and work in the city.

Open Studios is also a Newburgh Last Saturday’s event. The Newburgh Restoration event calendar is jam-packed for this weekend! Hop in the car, hop on the train, whatever you have to do  – just be here!

As always a special thanks to Newburgh Art Supply for making this event happen!

07/18/18 7:30am

Newburgh Community Land Bank is pleased to continue for their second year of Artist-In-Vacancy and announce their 2018 Artists:


Audra Wolowiec
Caroline Partamian
Ethan Primason
Elke Luyten
Kira Alker
Rachel Ellison
Stephen Kwok
Sylvia Hardy

“NCLB’s Artist in Vacancy is a creative initiative to make use of select properties in our core neighborhood to offer as sites for creative work that will engage the community and promote arts & cultural production in the City of Newburgh. Through AIV we look to address vacancy & abandonment in Newburgh by re-imagining vacant sites as places for community engagement, artistic production, aesthetic & cultural research, and renewed inhabitation. We will be announcing artists exhibitions, workshops, and event openings throughout the summer, culminating in Newburgh Open Studios on September 29-30th.

Keep posted on our website, newsletter and social media for upcoming events and openings throughout the summer!

06/07/18 7:35am

Change is in the air for Chambers Street. The Holland Tunnel Art Gallery opened its doors May 25th to a packed open house. Some commented they couldn’t believe it was the same Chambers Street, and others remembered a time when the building housed illegal activities. It couldn’t be further from its former life with all the families and children in attendance. The owner, Paulien Lethen, says the space will be a venue for exhibitions, performances, concerts and movie screenings. Just an example of the potential of Newburgh’s stock.

05/15/18 7:30am

Dutch artist, Paulien Lethen, is opening the Holland Tunnel Art Gallery in Newburgh on May 25 (5-10pm) and May 26 (1-6pm) in a renovated 1860’s warehouse at 46 Chambers Street. The gallery will feature opening exhibition work by local and international artists and live jazz by Dutch pianist/vocalist Heleen Schuttevaer, Lethen’s sister, and other musicians.

The Chambers Street gallery is the newest location for the Holland Tunnel Gallery which originated in 1997 in Williamsburg in a Home Depot garden shed in Lethen’s backyard. It immediately received press in The New York Times and became a neighborhood icon. In 2000 the Dutch sisters, Paulien and Heleen, opened Holland Tunnel Gallery Paros in Greece, with summer exhibitions and concerts in a 400 year old merchant house.

The Holland Tunnel Art Gallery in Newburgh will be a new venue for exhibitions, performances, concerts and movie screenings. The other spaces in the building are artist studios. Paulien comments that she feels the same artistic energy of Williamsburg in the ‘90’s – then known as The New Bohemia. She is happy to offer a new cultural venue and art center in the historic district of Newburgh where art and people can get together.

For information:

The exhibition will feature works by Jesus Antoshka, Kakyung Cho, Marieken Cochius, Steve Gerberich, Lynn Isaacson, Paulien Lethen, Julie Lindell, Bix Lye, Sinjin Lye, Jan Mulder, Kent Peterson, Jacques Roch, Judy Thomas, Audra Wolowiec

Jazz performances by Heleen Schuttevaer (piano, vocals) and guests; line up TBA