08/02/11 11:26am

The new tea shop that was just a rumor a few weeks ago has finally opened. LiberTea had it’s soft opening and now is ready for visitors tomorrow, Wednesday. This cozy space looks perfect to read a book or just to socialize with some friends. The small touches make it charming, and it’s location is perfect. It’s right in from of Washington’s Headquarters and in between Caffe Macchiato and Jenny’s Floral Designs. All desserts are made locally as well.

The opening of this new business shows that the desire to build up Liberty Street is there. People want to open up businesses with quaint shops to fill up the streets of Newburgh. It’s up to everyone else to support them to make sure they continue to thrive because their presence changes the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood. Occupied businesses with patrons make streets feel safer. It’s a great place to spend some of your cash from the 3/50 project. Check them out!

89 Liberty Street
Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm and Sat-Sun 8am-2pm

08/26/10 7:30am

©On Hudson

A few months back when I did the Newburgh business scene survey, one person mentioned that a lot of Newburghers don’t even know that Washington Headquarters is open to the public. If you’ve never been to the Headquarters, this Saturday is your chance to go to a nice event being hosted there. Best of all, for the first 150 kids under 15 this event is FREE.

Saturday, August 28, 2010 02:00 PM – 04:00 PM at Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site. It’s at the corner of Liberty Street and Washington Street. Click for map.

Oh, and don’t forget to support the many thriving Liberty Street businesses while you are there! Remember the 3/50 Project? Pick 3 businesses where you can spend $50 a month between the three of them! Click to learn more.

07/30/10 7:00am

If you have been reading this blog for a while you should know by now that I fully back Project 3/50 and the message it sends out. It’s a mission to help brick and mortar shops, mom and pop shops, or anything other than your national chain or wholesaler. They offer great tips to business owners on how to get the community involved in shopping locally. When you spend local, the money has more of a chance of staying local and improving the community.

Cinda Baxter is the founder of the 3/50 project and you can have the chance to hear her lecture in New Paltz Friday, August 13th at 8:30am. This is a great opportunity for Newburgh business owners to get information on how to draw in customers and keep them coming. The revitalization of Newburgh also depends on the progress of businesses in the area.

Location: SUNY campus, Lecture Center, Room 201, New Paltz NY

Chamber/GAB members: $20 advance/$25 day of event
Non-members: $30 advance/$35 day of event
Click here to buy tickets online.

Includes: Continental breakfast

To purchase: info@newpaltzcamber.org or call 845.255.0243

03/31/10 7:00am
After discussing motivational ideas on how to start a business in Newburgh, it is fitting to discuss how the community could support and maintain one. I love Project 3/50. I have mentioned them before, and how the idea of buying local benefits the community. Well, now they have a new campaign, “Eat down the street.” This could not be any more true of Newburgh today and the thriving food establishments around the city. The Waterfront, Liberty Street, and Broadway are areas with many food establishments that would benefit from your business. Some are even Zagat rated. So try it out. The idea is to pick 3 places where you could spend $50 a month. Instead of heading over to your local chain restaurant or fast food place, try something local for a change. It helps revive the downtown, fill up empty store fronts (see example below), and you are putting your money right back into your community. 

©Jonathan Valle

Check out the “Food” section on the left hand side. There are only 22 establishments listed that I have thus collected. But Newburgh certainly has room for more! One place I will particularly encourage you to visit is Mary’s Cheesecake Headquarters or you can check out her Facebook page. Instead of heading to the supermarket or other big business/wholesale chains for your next cake, buy one of Mary’s cakes. Your business would be truly appreciated there, and you keep Liberty Street looking pretty.

12/21/09 8:00am

Around this time of the year many people are out buying gifts for the festivities. Well, instead of buying at major chains or monster stores, why not try getting the same things from your local store? You help boost your local economy and the effects benefit the entire community in the long run. Newburgh could definitely use the help.