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201 Montgomery Street is the Thornton M. Niven House. This house is #27 on the Heritage Tour. The following is said of the home,

“Thornton M. Niven, Newburgh’s first native architect and a master stonecutter. Constructed in 1839, the house remains virtually unchanged except for the south side’s apse, said to be added by architect Frederick Withers when he occupied the house in the 1860’s. Niven was the architect of the Newburgh and Goshen Courthouses, among other significant public buildings.”

The house is amazing and has Hudson River views! Check out the listing, or the photos below to see what $430k can get you 1 hour North of NYC. Click here to see more examples of Newburgh Real Estate.

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Offered at $229,800

Sometimes real estate listings are old, and you never know if the house is really still for sale. But this house is of interest because it’s on the Newburgh Heritage Tour.

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The heritage tour says that this house is one of the 3 oldest left in Newburgh! According to the realtor, it was built in 1785. Pretty Awesome. And, according to the realtor, the third floor has a huge loft where President Franklin Delano Roosevelt held meetings. That would be something to further investigate but, after a little digging I found a whole load of photos of the Roosevelts in Newburgh at their estate, Algonac, including some sweet ones (even though we know how their marriage turned out in the end). Also, in the book, Newburgh: The Heart of the City, there is a photo of FDR going through Newburgh for one of his campaigns.  

Informal Shot 1905- The year they were married
(FDR Library)
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So we all know that Newburgh is dripping with history from every corner of the city. But, do you know the history behind many of these old buildings? Would you like to know, but don’t know where to start? Well, the City has put together a heritage map that gives you a tour of 42 historical places and structures. The map has numbers that correspond to little paragraphs that give you a little history about the structures. You can have your very own little history field trip, and it’s a great way to learn about Newburgh’s history.

Here is just a sample of what you can learn on the tour. This is a little clip of The Foundry, which are now condo residences. If time permits, hopefully Newburgh Restoration can take you on this tour. Click on the “Heritage Tour” link on the right under “Things to Do, Places to See” to download your own copy.