06/10/15 7:30am

The City of Newburgh recently published its sidewalk replacement program guidelines and application. It’s a program many property owners don’t know exists. The City will pay 50% of sidewalk replacement up to $2,000. This is open to all property owners regardless of income. During the application, the Conservation Advisory Commission may suggest a tree for your sidewalk. There is no cost to the property owner for the purchase of the tree. But make sure to obtain a permit before you begin your work.

Think replacing sidewalks are no big deal? They are a huge deal and are part of the historic fabric of Newburgh and cities alike. Check out the details of the project pictured above to see the difference a sidewalk upgrade can make.

09/01/14 11:30am

Newburgh Grants

Attention all Newburgh artists!

Arts in Orange (AiO) Artist Grant (AG) in the amount of $1,500 are available to Orange County, NY resident artists. AiO AGs are designed to provide direct support to artists, in all stages of their career, in all disciplines, to create work that will enhance public participation in the arts by directly engaging the community. Applications must demonstrate the artists’ commitment to creative ideals and the development of them. Projects developed and presented by the artist must include a dynamic public component through active participation and/or production of the project occurring within Orange County between December 1, 2014 and May 31, 2015.
Disciplines eligible for funding include choreography, film/video, multi-discipline arts, music, theater, visual arts, and written arts.

AiO AGs are awarded directly to the artist; a not-for-profit conduit is NOT required. No monetary match or additional income is required. If the total project expense is more than $1,500, applicants will be asked to indicate the sources of additional income for the project budget.  Artists, ages 21 and over are eligible, with the exception of artists who are students at the time of application, or are employed by or a member of the Board of Directors of AiO.

Application DEADLINE 4PM, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2014. Late applications will NOT be accepted.

Email Suzanne Schubert info@artsinorange.org, for a copy of the application.

04/08/14 7:30am

newburgh tax credit

Navigating historic tax credits for you Newburgh home can be a daunting task. There will be a workshop at the Newburgh Free Library for all of you who would like to renovate your home. It will also be helpful to those of you contemplating buying a home that will need repairs. There will be very knowledgeable speakers who can help answer all of your questions. So come prepared and RSVP early!

There will be 2 workshops on May 7th.

3:00-5:00 pm NYS & Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit for Income-producing properties
6:30-8:00 pm NYS Historic Homeowner Tax Credit

RSVP by calling the Newburgh Free Library at 845‐563‐3605 and indicate Commercial or Homeowner.

02/04/14 11:30am

Newburgh Grants

Applications are now available to eligible municipalities and not-for-profit organizations to compete for Technical Assistance Grants (TAG), a statewide program of the Preservation League of New York State and the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA). [Guidelines – PDF]

A total of $45,103 is available to provide support for projects that preserve New York State’s cultural and historic resources. The year’s first application deadline is March 3, 2014. A second round will be due on August 25, 2014.

Grant amounts will not exceed $3,000 and the total cost of the applicant’s project may not exceed $3,500. Each applicant must provide $500 toward the total project cost.

Not-for-profit arts/cultural groups and municipalities managing arts/cultural facilities are encouraged to apply. The applicant group may apply for short-term, discrete projects that advance the preservation of historic sites, museums, opera houses and theaters, arts facilities and other culturally important institutions that are located in historic buildings and structures that are open to the public. These professional studies include: building conditions surveys, engineering/structural analyses, feasibility/reuse studies and specialized building conservation studies. Preparation of architectural plans and specifications are not eligible.

01/27/14 7:30am


Would you like to change the signage of your business in the City of Newburgh? The city has just made the following announcement regarding grants that will be available for $500. You can find more info here:

Signage Grants are available for businesses and residential properties within the City of Newburgh, with priority given to those either along Broadway or within Census Tracts 4 and 5. The grant is a 50/50 grant with a maximum grant amount is $500.

Property owners will be required to address code compliance issues and substandard living conditions which affect the health and safety of occupants in order to be eligible for funding.

Signage monies will either be paid directly to the vendor or reimbursed to the applicant once the proper documentation has been received by the Planning and Development Department. Applicants are also required to maintain the signage for a minimum of three (3) years. Projects that are within the City of Newburgh’s Historic District will require approval from the Architectural Review Commission (ARC) before work begins. The ARC meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month and applications must be submitted to the ARC Secretary (located at 123 Grand Street) no later than the 3rd Monday of the month prior to the scheduled meeting. For more information on the ARC call (845) 569-7400.

Signage Program Process
The following documents MUST be included with the application for project approval. Incomplete applications and/or those without supporting documentation will not be accepted.
1. A minimum of two (2) “BEFORE” photographs of building including a full-size picture of the building (photographs will become property of the City of Newburgh and used at its discretion).
2. If business owner is not the owner of record for the property, a copy of the lease must be submitted.
3. Specifications of the signage from the preferred vendor including dimensions, colors, lettering.
4. Copies of at least three (3) written quotes.

04/29/13 9:00am

Previous Winner Amanda Zambito

The Historical Society of the Newburgh Bay and Highlands is pleased to announce the availability of an annual $1000.00 college scholarship to be given to an outstanding student interested in history or historical preservation, archeology, anthropology, or information services.

The applicant should show an interest in the history of the area and should demonstrate this interest through participation in activities that relate to the history of the area. The Historical Society would like the scholarship to encourage young people to be active participants in learning about and preserving our historical heritage.  Application deadline: May 15th

An application is available on line at the Historical Society website: www.newburghhistoricalsociety.com. Further information may be obtained by calling Warren Cahill at 845-562-5639 or emailing jwcahill716@gmail.com.

-Photo from Newburgh Historical Society