07/05/11 12:15pm

Remember these waterfront condos on Colden Street? Things have been quiet for a while, but it looks like things are picking up again. The condos at 15 S. Colden have been put on the market. Maybe the developer is trying to sell condos to help fund the project? They are listed at $360,000.

The plan back as of November 2010 was to have 30 condominiums at this site. If this project can actually come to fruition, this will be a huge boost to the Washington Heights area and Liberty Street. Just down the street the Newburgh Brewery is going to start construction soon, and are projected to open at the end of the year.

11/29/10 9:30am

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There’s a new project that’s been brewing and its halfway approved! This project comes from Ray Yannone from Storm King Builders and architect Giovanni Palladino. Behind the scenes this has been a project that has been in the works for over a year and, comes from the same team that accomplished the amazing transformation of the West Shore Train Station. It will be located at 15 Colden Street between Renwick and South Williams Street.

This building will be only residential and contain 30 condominiums. The rendering shows a North side and a South side building attached by an atrium in the middle. There will be two lobby’s, one for the Colden Street entrance, and one for the back Edwards Street entrance. An elevator will bring residents from the ground floor up, and parking will be available in the rear of the building as well as underground masked by faux storefronts. This building is not related to the Leyland Waterfront project. It is entirely separate, but equally exciting to see new development happening in Newburgh. Future residents will only be a walk away from the current Newburgh waterfront restaurants, and only a walk away from Washington’s Headquarters and the Liberty Street/Washington Market area.

There is no official start date as there are some approvals pending. But the word is that this project should be underway ASAP. Hmm, this makes one think that the commercial spaces in the surrounding area should start seeing some increased traffic.

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