Colden Waterfront Condo’s Up for Sale

Remember these waterfront condos on Colden Street? Things have been quiet for a while, but it looks like things are picking up again. The condos at 15 S. Colden have been put on the market. Maybe the developer is trying to sell condos to help fund the project? They are listed at $360,000.

The plan back as of November 2010 was to have 30 condominiums at this site. If this project can actually come to fruition, this will be a huge boost to the Washington Heights area and Liberty Street. Just down the street the Newburgh Brewery is going to start construction soon, and are projected to open at the end of the year.

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  • From reading the MLS listing, it sounds to me like it’s the entire unbuilt project/plans that’s for sale—not individual condos:

  • Anna, according to listing agent: “That is for the entire project, land, zoning, and approvals.”

  • I wish someone would put money into the potentially beautiful historic buildings on Broadway. Broadway is the heart of city – or more like the main artery. Imagine what the city of Newburgh would be like if all of the money that went into the painfully generic, Disneyland like waterfront was invested into revitalizing Broadway. All of those restaurants in the heart of Newburgh.

    It’s a shame that the beautiful buildings that once inhabited this land were demolished in the name of urban renewal, but lets leave this land green for now. We don’t need any more new housing. Take a drive around the city and count how many abandoned homes there are.

    Make it a park or a CSA farm – something that will support the community and bring people together – not create even more division of class and race.

  • Agreed!!!!!!! It’s a shame that the brick roads are gone too! My grandma grew up on Fullerton and has wonderful stories from when she was young. The dress shop owner on the corner of her street even traveled to the NYC to get her her wedding gown when she was getting married! She said there was a lot of hospitality that way back then.