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Home Renovation January 4, 2021 at 10:52 pm

Renovation Newbie Seeking Advice and Referrals

I’ve recently started the home buying journey, and while I’m very early in the exploration, my ideal scenario would be to purchase and renovate/restore a home in Newburg. I know this is a VERY open ended and broad topic, but looking to this community for any and all advice so I can learn from those who have already navigated this path in Newburgh.

I also need to start gathering a list of referrals for various services including (but not limited to):
– Real Estate Agent familiar with Newburgh
– Contractor for major renovations (plumbers, electricians also welcome)
– Architect
– Local mortgage lenders (especially with experience with renovation mortgages)
– Lawyers specializing in Real Estate

Thanks in advance!

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