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Rentals January 11, 2020 at 10:32 am

This town

Is literally falling into disrepair
I’m tired of people using these homes as crack dens and then the town just slapping yellow tape up and letting them fall apart

But I’m very sorry to also say that I also hate more so these city morons coming here and hiking our taxes up to the point of eviction…
You care less about this part of NY and more about your wallets… you fix up the town with a halo and finish it up by growing horns and kicking “lower income” citizens out… I wish I could afford a Victorian home on grand street or anywhere in newburgh because I actually care for this town… but I cant because once miss mink and mr miser move in from the city my taxes move up with them…

And I’m sick of it

Fix this town up but stay in nyc because I’d like to continue living where I am and not give up my home to the cityots… 😡


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The new migrants are not to “blame” for increasing property taxes as it relates to private property improvements. Rather, it is the combination of the expenses related to the inflating carrying costs of maintaining and upgrading, “fix up”, a century old, densely populated & impoverished city -and- a tax model of levying a tax as a revenue source, to pay for the former, based on the tangible property’s assessment (an assessment that, theoretically, is a reflection of supply and demand). Newburgh’s carrying costs will increase regardless of property value assessments. It should be pointed out that the Burgh’s biggest carrying costs, its Safety departments, far exceed that of its DPW. “Crack dens” are expensive. That said, signing off on any grants and exemptions, public or private, unless there is an immediate tangible benefit that will not add to future carrying costs. In that sense, a limousine liberal mindset of tax $ funded cultural “projects” on par with necessary infrastructure improvements will exasperate a perpetually increasing tax levy. Ironically, those fleeing tax expensive states due to this ideology (see Cali., NY. etc.) often initiate the same cost increase think to the cheaper locales (Arizona, Texas, etc.) they move into. Again, a government sponsored tax model enables this cycle. It’s interesting that you tag the City of Newburgh as a town.

“That said, signing off on any grants and exemptions, public or private, unless there is an immediate tangible benefit that will not add to future carrying costs -should be avoided-.”

Not everyone who comes here is an evil landlord. The home we purchased had been abandoned for nearly a decade. We came in, put our heart and soul into it and now call it home. I don’t think we displaced anyone and as of today there are still three abandoned homes on my block and whoever wants to come in and make affordable housing should.

I would think that anyone would be glad that these homes are being populated once again and by a mix of tenants, low income, middle and higher. That’s a healthy mix and next what is needed is actual home ownership. So the complaining belongs to the decision makers who give these properties to investors who don’t live in in Newburgh and don’t care about who they put in their units and what happens to them and in them. The decision makers should instead find a way to make low income Newburghers actual homeowners.
PS we don’t have horns.

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