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Rentals January 11, 2020 at 10:32 am

This town

Is literally falling into disrepair
I’m tired of people using these homes as crack dens and then the town just slapping yellow tape up and letting them fall apart

But I’m very sorry to also say that I also hate more so these city morons coming here and hiking our taxes up to the point of eviction…
You care less about this part of NY and more about your wallets… you fix up the town with a halo and finish it up by growing horns and kicking “lower income” citizens out… I wish I could afford a Victorian home on grand street or anywhere in newburgh because I actually care for this town… but I cant because once miss mink and mr miser move in from the city my taxes move up with them…

And I’m sick of it

Fix this town up but stay in nyc because I’d like to continue living where I am and not give up my home to the cityots… 😡


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