02/08/19 7:30am

The wait is finally over, (or at least until Monday) for the general public to get a taste of Newburgh’s newest restaurant, Hudson Taco. It has undergone quite the transformation since the days the West Shore Train Station was an abandoned eyesore on Newburgh’s waterfront. The renovated space has been empty for years since the Railroad Playhouse left. Since last summer work began behind the scenes to get the restaurant ready. Now, alongside the Pizza Shop, the West Shore Train Station will undoubtedly become the destination for those looking for casual family-friendly dining options, yet still chic enough for a date night.

The name says it all – tacos. There are more than a dozen options with options for vegetarians, vegans, and the carb conscious.  You can also find an array of appetizers, bowls, and sides if you want something different. They will be serving lunch, weekend brunch, and even delivery. Newburgh Brewery fans will be excited to learn about the special collaboration brew, Amaizing. Hopefully, Hudson Taco will help foster Newburgh’s growing restaurant scene west of Water Street. See below for more scenes from the friends and family opening night.

02/06/18 7:30am

Hudson Taco Newburgh

Newburgh for sure must be the taco capital of the Hudson Valley. A new taco restaurant, Hudson Taco, is coming to the Westshore Train Station, the same building as the Pizza Shop. The left side of the building has been empty for some time now since the Railroad Playhouse vacated the space a few years ago. It’s a very large space so it will be interesting to see how they fill the space. Opening date is yes to be announced and the website is yet to be made. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram if you want updates.

03/08/12 11:00am

Mr. & Mrs. Endres and Seth Soloway in future dressing room

The Railroad Playhouse has begun construction on the Dr. Seymore Levine Dressing Room. Sandra and Thomas J. Endres, President and COO of Continental Organics, donated the $5,000 for the structure. In addition to the Endres generous donation, the playhouse has received a $2,500 grant from St. Lukes Cornwall and reached their initial goal of $20,000 in donations, which guaranteed the matching grant from their generous landlord, Ray Yanonne bringing the total to $40,000.

Mr. Endres, who is overseeing the construction of a 900,000 square foot organic farm in Newburgh, states, “The farm is fully green and continues to ensure sustainable living in Newburgh.” He feels strongly that,”Newburgh’s evolution is dependent on sustainable living, and the arts are a critical part of that. I believe that the Railroad Playhouse is building something unique and important to Newburgh and to the theater industry, and I know that the completion of the dressing room is critical to the realization of their vision.”

01/31/11 11:02am

©Heather Wojahowski

Friday January 28, 2011 at 7:00 pm marked the official grand opening of the Westshore Trainstation and it’s two new occupants: the Railroad Playhouse and the Pizza Shop. Many Newburghers can remember when the train station was just a shell, ready to collapse on itself. Friday, the train station was full of life, and full of memories- the first time in over 50 years! Many photos adorn the train station that pay tribute to it’s past as well as the City of Newburgh.

The Railroad Playhouse is already operating in full swing, and the official date that the Pizza Shop will be open is February 3rd. Check back soon, as the story of the restoration of the Westshore Train Station will be appearing in a major publication.

11/08/10 9:30am

The completion of the rehab of the Westshore Train Station is just about finished. I have been interested in this building since it was a shell with no roof, so it was really exciting to take a tour of the nearly completed space. (Click here for gallery of photos before the station was restored). In just a few weeks the Railroad Playhouse (open house will be Nov 20 & 21) and the Pizza Shop (opening mid-December) will be open and you will be able to see for yourself how amazing the transformation is. Click here for grand opening pictures.

The story of the Westshore Train Station is a common story in Newburgh. This post shows the potential of all the treasures Newburgh holds. It could be as simple as restoring a small cottage, restoring the Liberty Street School, or the City Club. Each building has history and,  the more buildings that are saved, the closer Newburgh comes to its renaissance. Hopefully others will be inspired to join in.

**Oh and an update about parking (a question many of you have had), 60 parking spaces have been painted on Water Street right in front of the train station. Click here to receive email updates from Newburgh Restoration. Click here to follow us on Facebook.

The Pizza Shop’s counter space looking into the kitchen

Old Newburgh and Westshore Train Station photos for the walls

Entrance into the Pizza Shop seating area

WiFi area for laptops and workspace

Doorway for outside terrace

Exterior view of outside terrace

Entryway ceiling

View of SUNY Orange Community College directly in front of the station. The Pizza Shop is meant to be a more affordable venue to attract a diverse range of people

Double doorway on the right for entrance into the Railroad Playhouse. The middle doorway leads to the second level below the station.

The Railroad Playhouse. It is painted in black so that it can be a versatile venue that can change with each performance. It’s gorgeous!

The train station has about 4 floors, 2 of which are underground and connect to a tunnel. In the future there might be a possible use for these spaces. Only time will tell!

11/02/10 10:30am

This seems to be a train station day! There is some nice news for the Westshore Train Station. Owner Ray Yannone and architect Giovanni Palladino will be receiving an Architecture Award from the Orange County Arts Council. It is awarded for a building, either commercial or residential, that has been restored or new construction within the past three years. Recipients are chosen by a Selection Committee appointed by the Arts Council. The Awards will be presented at a cocktail reception to honor these individuals and organizations on Friday, November 12 at 5:30pm to be held at the Harness Racing Museum in Goshen.

Hopefully more Newburgh buildings and homes can be restored and recognized as well!