Dressing Room Coming Soon to the Railroad Playhouse

Mr. & Mrs. Endres and Seth Soloway in future dressing room

The Railroad Playhouse has begun construction on the Dr. Seymore Levine Dressing Room. Sandra and Thomas J. Endres, President and COO of Continental Organics, donated the $5,000 for the structure. In addition to the Endres generous donation, the playhouse has received a $2,500 grant from St. Lukes Cornwall and reached their initial goal of $20,000 in donations, which guaranteed the matching grant from their generous landlord, Ray Yanonne bringing the total to $40,000.

Mr. Endres, who is overseeing the construction of a 900,000 square foot organic farm in Newburgh, states, “The farm is fully green and continues to ensure sustainable living in Newburgh.” He feels strongly that,”Newburgh’s evolution is dependent on sustainable living, and the arts are a critical part of that. I believe that the Railroad Playhouse is building something unique and important to Newburgh and to the theater industry, and I know that the completion of the dressing room is critical to the realization of their vision.”