08/31/15 7:30am

Newburgh Landing Park

Although I wasn’t able to attend the meeting for the Newburgh Land Dock and South Street Park design, I was able to attain a copy of the plans. An article from the Mid Hudson News describes the plan and the meeting in depth. Overall, this project is picking up steam again after sitting on the shelf for a while. It’s been three years since it was last mentioned here on the blog. The design is meant to accommodate boats and provide public access to the waterfront.

Did you attend? What did you think of the plans?

Newburgh Landing Pier 1

02/03/14 1:30pm


More details have surfaced about creating a port in the City of Newburgh from a recent THR article. According to the article, the new port could bring 150 jobs to the area over three years. However, concerns of who will get these jobs have been raised. Newburgh residents have expressed concerns over noise and citizens in Beacon are worried what the proposed port could do to their river views. Still, many have pointed out that Newburgh’s waterfront was always an industrial one and a return to its industrial roots is just reviving what used to exist.

If the company bidding on the project, Steelway, wins, work could begin as early as April and be completed as soon as the summer. We will know if this could be coming to Newburgh for sure in a few weeks when the contract is awarded.

Port expected to be built in Newburgh, Plan: transport TZB decking [THR]
Hope runs high to rejuvenate Port of Newburgh [Mid Hudson News]
Bipartisan Federal, State and Local Leaders Commend First Step in Establishing Newburgh Port [Sean Maloney]

10/18/13 12:30pm

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Press release:

Celebrate the season! The City of Newburgh will hold a Fall Festival Saturday, Oct. 19 from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. at Unico Park on the Newburgh Waterfront. With the beautiful Hudson River as a backdrop, you can shop for antiques and collectibles, crafts, artwork and seasonal goodies while enjoying the music of the versatile Joe Frazita, a Hudson Valley favorite. The rain date for the Fall Festival is Sunday, Oct. 20 at the same time.

The festival will be made even more special with a visit from the Vermont Sail Freight Project, a sail-powered transportation company, delivering sustainably farmed products to families and retailers along the historic Champlain-Hudson waterway. The vessel is expected to be docked at the Marina near Billy Joe’s Restaurant, but they will be selling fresh produce at the festival. Visit vermontsailfreightproject.org for more information.

For more information about the Festival call (845) 569-7354 or (845) 569-5429.

The Fall Festival is sponsored by the City of Newburgh International Festival Committee as a fundraiser for the 26th Annual International Festival.

10/15/13 7:30am

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An article came out this past Saturday in the THR that the City of Newburgh will start accepting proposals again for waterfront development. Back in 2007 Leyland Alliance presented renderings for a new downtown on the waterfront with commercial and residential uses but then the recession hit and all the plans fell through. Leyland even had the mac daddy of urban planning and co-founder of the New Urbanism movement, Adrés Duany, present at a charette. It will be interesting to see what other firms will submit proposals for the waterfront or if Duany will resurface again.

The Newburgh waterfront used to be the downtown of the city with more than 50 acres of land that was razed during urban renewal. The clearing of this land literally choked off western Newburgh from the waterfront as you can see in the photo above. Developing this land would connect Broadway down to the water and would put hundreds of properties back on to tax rolls. The decimation of Newburgh’s waterfront is not a special case; it happened to many other Hudson Valley cities and towns. However, Newburgh has been far behind compared to other cities in waterfront advancement. Newburghers are pretty jaded from the many empty promises. To see a project actually be completed would be history in the making. Maybe it will actually happen this time? What do you think?

– Image from Google Maps