South Street Park Project on Newburgh Waterfront

On November 14 the Waterfront Advisory Committee met with Scenic Hudson to discuss plans about the South Street Water Project. Plans were first initiated back in 2010 and residents were eager however, these plans were later delayed due to the survey describing the parcel not being released because of inconsistencies between what the city knew to be its property and privately held portions.

South Street Park Project on Newburgh Waterfront

The city was able to clarify ownership of the waterfront section of its parcel through a Cooperation Agreement in July of this year. Now, the City has the capability to once again move forward with plans for a public park to be located just to the north of Torches Restaurant at the turn-around area of Front Street as pictured above.

Scenic Hudson’s presentation enabled the Waterfront Advisory Committee to make a recommendation (following their approval of the plan) to the Common Council to accept the design and permit the release of grant funding available to hire a consultant to bring the plans to the construction documents and full cost estimate phase.  These items will be valuable tools as the city seeks funding which, is still needed through grants and other programs to build the park.

The city-owned waterfront property was used as an illegal junkyard in the 1930s and was proposed for a public parking lot in the 1960s. Today, the property offers the opportunity to extend the existing Newburgh waterfront walkway, to provide seating and areas for quiet contemplation as well as access to the Hudson River via an in-water structure. The site also provides spectacular views to the Hudson Highlands to the south and Fishkill Ridge to the east.

Other waterfront communities are capitalizing on their waterfront properties to create parks and foster revitalization. Scenic Hudson is also involved in a $16.5 investment project to create a park on Beacon’s waterfront. A waterfront park in the City of Newburgh would further solidify a revitalization movement.For now, we must to wait and see how the many details come together to make this a reality. What do you think about this proposed project?

Thank you Kate for sharing these details!

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  • This could be a beautiful and much appreciated park – if the project isn’t derailed to provide more parking for the riverfront restaurants. I’m sorry to be cynical but… There still won’t be the diversity of activity required for placemaking nor will much of the vitality and prosperity of this commercial enclave trickle up to the live/work area on and near Broadway.

  • This is a great idea! A Piece of Green for the People! And, not so incidentally, a way to soften the blatant commercialism of “Restaurant” Row. Would be nice to have a Dog Park (where people, as well as dogs, invariably come together) down there as well, but that’s probably too much to ask..
    Have no doubt that if Scenic Hudson is involved, something will be done. Having lived in Brooklyn for 45 years and watched the 10 year evolution of Brooklyn Bridge Park, we know it’s possible–IF the City of Newburgh actually co-operates/participates.

  • About time! Newburgh doesn’t really have a park by the Hudson River, which really sucks. Something one can sit by the Hudson River and read a book or chill out – like Long Dock Park in Beacon.

    Beacon waterfront is all about parks and nature walks on the other hand Newburgh waterfront is bar scene/restaurant base.