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The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue. Photo by NR Flickr user Brian Wolfe.

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Norwegian Air plans flights between Stewart Airport and Europe [THR]
Newburgh Council OKs $44.4M budget; property tax hike for homes, businesses [THR]

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It might be somewhat of a mystery what the signs or placards mean on vacant buildings in Newburgh as we saw last week. This poster from the Newburgh department of planning clarifies things. They do NOT mean the building is slated for demolition, and they do NOT mean the building is city owned. They are codes for first responders in cases of emergency. So they either mean to proceed with caution, or only enter with approval from command.

If you’d like more information, click here.


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Newburgh has a deep rich history with many stories to tell. One of those stories is of Newburgh’s most famous landmark, Washington’s Headquarters. Joe Santacroce has brought this landmark to life in his documentary, “The Mansion on the Hill”. Grab some popcorn and take time and learn about local history.

This is a Documentary about Washington’s Headquarters and Newburgh, NY , and how Washington’s Headquarters came to be what it is today. It takes us back to the first settlers of Newburgh and what it was like here, the history of the house, and some of the events that occurred during the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries including George Washington’s time at Headquarters and the events that occurred here.

How the house become the First Publicly Owned National Historic Site and how it was almost lost to history, the visitors and celebrations that occurred here, are all an integral part of the story.
Included are tours of the inside and outside of the house and dramatic Drone Aerial Footage by Scott Snell of XfactorAerial.com. There are many images pulled from various collections and interviews with those close to the site.

We have recreated music from the 18th and 19th Century including music from Composers from Newburgh who lived during that time period. Musicians Albert Garzon, Rick Santacroce, Jr., and Jonathan Dobin created an incredible musical soundtrack of the time period.

Narrated by: John Norman Hall, Jr.
Written, Directed, Produced by: Joe Santacroce
Running Time: 1:18:45


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Infinity Lounge has been open on Liberty Street since the summer. Apologizes for just now giving notice of this. Many of us refer to 102 Liberty Street as the old Moo & Oink space. It was a gourmet food market that opened in 2008 and barely lasted a year. Since then, the storefront has been vacant. It is quite a large space on the east side of Liberty Street where there aren’t many commercial spaces compared to the west side. Naturally everyone was curious what would end up moving in. Infinity Lounge caters to the Mexican palate and from what I have seen, it’s open in the afternoons till late at night.

The lounge doubles as a venue for private events. I’ve heard of some pretty lavish affairs being held here. Everything from weddings to baby showers.  You will have to contact them for rates. See their Facebook  page for photos and details.

14980653_714023422079902_1946852118651186783_nImage © Infinity Lounge

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Channel your inner Nicole Curtis and consider rehabbing one of the saddest houses in the Heights neighborhood. It might seem like a crazy idea to take on a project like this, but we have already had at least one successful purchase and rehabilitation begin on a previous “untouchable” home like this one from showcasing it on the blog. This is a great location and great neighborhood to consider.

Neglected beauty on the crest of Washington Heights. This one even boasts views of the Hudson River! Unbelievably, much of the original interior finish remains: beautiful wood trim, wood doors, solid staircase and even a wood mantelpiece. Unleash the river views. Enjoy them from the entire north side of the house – including the walk-up attic. Needs considerable (emphasis on considerable) work to bring this one back to life…but could be oh so rewarding.

9 Carson Avenue Newburgh NY
Asking Price: $1,190*
Google Map

* This is the minimum price. The City of Newburgh will also entertain bids above the asking price. All interested purchasers need to submit a PODA (Private Owner Development Application) . The application is available on-line and at the City of Newburgh’s Planning & Development Office, 83 Broadway, Newburgh, NY. For additional information call: 845-569-7400.