08/21/14 7:30am

69 Beacon Street Newburgh NY

This home has been abandoned for a long time. It is on a corner lot which makes the location and rehabilitation very important. The current owners who live in Nanuet bought it for $20,000 in 2010. Just around the corner is the Nora Cronin Academy that was also in a horrible state of disrepair. However, it was rehabilitated into a new school and has helped to change S. Lander Street. Wouldn’t it be great if the children didn’t have to see this on the way to school? If anybody else knows any details of the home, please share.

There are over 700 abandoned or vacant properties in the City of Newburgh. Habitation of these properties is vital to the revitalization of the city. 69 Beacon St Newburgh NY Google Map


Press release:

On Monday, August 18, 2014, New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, announced the Newburgh Enlarged City School District as a recipient of approximately $2.8 million in funding for a full day pre-kindergarten program. In total, $340 million was awarded to 81 school districts and Community Based Organizations statewide. The NECSD is the largest recipient of funding outside of New York City.

The funding will allow the NECSD to convert the Universal Pre-K program into a full day program, as well as expand the program, by providing additional seats for students and the establishment of the NECSD Early Learning Center. The NECSD UPK program will expand half-day seats and create new seats to serve 542 students on a full time basis for the 2014-15 school year.

The funding will allow for a total of 22 Universal Pre-K classrooms in NECSD buildings as well as the creation of 11 teaching positions and 11 teaching assistant positions. The Newburgh Enlarged City School District plans to execute student placement for the 2014-2015 school year beginning in September.

“By New York State investing in the Universal Pre-K program, the Newburgh Enlarged City School District is in a better position to properly educate our students. We know an investment in the earliest learning experiences can have powerful long-term effects on young children’s emotional, cognitive, and social development. Today, NECSD takes a step closer to improving the life outcomes for our pre-kindergartners,” explained Newburgh Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roberto Padilla.

The awards are preliminary, pending the review and approval of the New York State Comptroller.

Photo by Faerie Barista

08/20/14 7:30am

143 William Street Newburgh NY

143 William Street was a Rescue Me home last summer here on Newburgh Restoration. The home has been completely redone and now it up for sale. The strange siding and peeling paint have all been removed and fresh coat of brick red paint has been applied.The sidewalk has also been completely redone. Original hardwood floors remain throughout the building and there are many new updates. William Street is still a very raw and abandoned area. There are rows of vacant buildings on this street. However, there are the foundations for a great block with mixed-use potential. For now, at least one more home has been saved.

If you have your own before and after photos to share of your home exterior or interior and would like to share it on Newburgh Restoration, please email me.

143 William St After

08/19/14 2:09pm


Architect Jeff Wilkinson has given us a slight glimpse into the future for two properties undergoing development in Newburgh; 13 Chambers and 197 Lander. Both properties were facilitated through the land bank. Today, 197 Lander is being developed by Toll Road Manor. This was pretty much a gut job, and you can see from the plans that façade repair is being made as well as salvaging what is in tact.


We have already looked at 15 Chambers which was completed last month. These rendering give us a chance to see what will be done with the property next door, 13 Chambers. One thing that we are glad to see is that a proper storefront will be restored back to the building. Currently it is bricked up. Visually, this will make great strides for this south section of the block boarded by Broadway and 1st.

Renderings © Jeff Wilkinson

08/18/14 7:30am


There are some new home renovators and a new blog in Newburgh. It’s called 45 Henry. You might remember that the home was featured here on NR in May on real estate Fridays. Jon and Nadene are wasting no time fixing up their 7,000 sq ft Queen Anne Victorian brick home in the Heights. The couple hails from Brooklyn. They are both painters and had decided they were over city life after living there over 8 years. Why did they choose Newburgh anyway? Jon says:

“To be honest, it started because of Detroit. It was sometime during 2013 that Detroit was getting a lot of press as a city for artists – one where they could afford to live and work in spaces that needed a miracle. The idea of being able to purchase a house or a warehouse for tens of thousands of dollars was very inciting. After weeks of talking non-stop about moving there Nadene had enough. “We aren’t moving to Detroit.”

Those words were what did it. In a dusty corner of my mind, I remembered hearing about Newburgh from a gallerist. We did a little research on a gray January day and soon after that we were coming up every weekend to look at houses. We fell in love right away.”

45 Henry was not the first home they saw. They also were considering the Arno. But that property deemed to be too great a task needing way more work than they could handle. The thousands of dead bees and 40 missing radiators was a huge deterrent.

Arno Bees Jon Beer

Eventually the couple fell in love with 45 Henry. It was overwhelming for them to go from a 400 sq ft apartment to 7,000 sq ft house but we are so glad to see they are transitioning well into their new homeowner role. Their magnificent Hudson River views from the top floor probably make it all worth it. Having a new Newburgh home renovation blog will surely inspire others who want to do the same. Make sure to follow their website and Instagram account.

All photos (c) Jon Beer via Instagram and 45 Henry