10/23/14 7:30am


Tired of seeing pot holes, accumulating garbage or fire hazards? The City of Newburgh just purchased a new app called PublicStuff that will allow residents to report issues with their smart phones. You can take a picture of the issue and upload it to Newburgh’s PublicStuff where specific city departments will receive notices. You can then check back to see when your issue has been resolved. If you have Time Warner you can see this news clip that explains the app.


10/22/14 1:30pm

Film Façades

The first of the Film Façade Series will be taking place this Saturday, October 25th in Newburgh. Film Facades is a series of large scale video mapping performances that illuminate architecturally significant sites in the City of Newburgh, New York. In conjunction with the Newburgh Community Land Bank, Film Facades pairs the work of artists, film makers, & musicians with Newuburgh’s rich architectural heritage. Their aim is to breathe life back into the empty facades through the lens of contemporary art & film.

There will be a shuttle that runs back and forth to Beacon, as well as a taco truck and music. For  more details see their website.

10/22/14 11:30am

Newburgh transit bus

A public meeting regarding expansion of the Newburgh Area Transit Service will be held on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at 7:00PM at the Newburgh City Hall, 83 Broadway, Newburgh, New York. The expanded Newburgh Area Transit service will consist of improved Northside and Southside routes and a new cross-town route between the St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital facilities in Newburgh and Cornwall.

Hours of service will also be extended to approximately 7 AM to 7PM each day Monday through Saturday. Information about this expansion will be provided at the October 29th public meeting and is available at www.transitorange.info.

For questions or special accommodations for the public meeting please contact the Transit Orange information line 845-615-3850 or on the web at www.transitorange.info.

Photo © Karen Mejia

10/22/14 7:30am

1155 Holyoke

Thanks to the forum, I found out about this new movie being filmed in the City of Newburgh called 11:55 Holyoke. Check them out here on Liberty Street! Here is the film description from the FB fanpage.

Returning home from the war in Afghanistan, Nelson is caught between his past and his hopes for a better future.


The old Hollywood westerns told brash and brutal tales of surviving the frontier: morality plays of an early United States. Today, countless old mill towns and boarded up factory cities provide a new frontier in our American narrative. Byproducts of an empire in decline and often forgotten, these cinematic landscapes are rich with culture and history. A modern take on a classic tradition, 11:55 Holyoke takes us to an often-overlooked side of America.

You can also keep up with them on Instagram. They have been posting photos of their film sets all around the city. Very exciting!

10/21/14 10:30am

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Columbia University students will be out in full force this Saturday, October 25th in the City of Newburgh! They want to meet YOU, and learn how you interact, work, and play in the city. There will be 12 teams out and about and different locations from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

The teams’ stations are noted on the map and their focus or topics are listed on the right side along with their location. If the teams have social media page or account for their event it is also listed there. Those who visit multiple sites will receive a certificate of participation/appreciation as a thank you. To make this visit the most beneficial for students and Newburgh, please help spread to word to get a great turnout. Below are the group locations with their social media outlets. Click the images to enlarge.

Links to students work:

Urban Design Studio Website
Newburgh Foodie
The Web
Tweet the Creek

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