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Last Friday, October 2, Columbia University urban design students made a site visit to Newburgh and Beacon. They met in the Atlas Studios Warehouse. Speakers included city manager, Michael Ciaravino, and city planners Dierdre Glenn and Alexandra Church, among others. Students had a meet and greet with Newburgh stakeholders and bus tour of the city. It’s very exciting to have Columbia back for another semester! To learn what they will be studying this semester, check out this past post.

If you’d like to participate in one of Columbia’s on site events, the students will be back in Newburgh October 17th.




-Photos by Nans Voron

10/08/15 7:30am

Newburgh Community Book exchange

Something I have been vocal about in the past is the desire to have a bookstore in the City of Newburgh. They might be a dying breed, but bookstore alternatives are becoming very popular. I’m working on my own project for something like this in the Spring. In the meanwhile, I’m so pleased the Fullerton Center Free Community Book Exchange has been formed! You can visit starting this Sunday, 297 Grand Street.

Inspired by a fan of Fullerton who needed to give away a lifetime collection of hundreds family books, Michael Green offered the Carriage House at Fullerton as a Give and Take situation: A Fullerton Center Free Community Book Exchange.

The left bay of the carriage house was cleared out, tables and shelves were donated augmented by tables made by Jeff and via word of mouth, and boxes of hardbacks and paperback books started pouring in.  Newburgh neighbors revealed: the book subject range was astonishing.  Testing the waters a soft opening was held on Saturday. People brought books, people took books; most did both.   People stayed and chatted about books, people sat down and ruminated about books—a word as well as a book exchange.

So, off we go!  The Fullerton Cultural Center Community Free Book Exchange will now be open for bring ins and take-outs on Sundays from noon-3, starting with this Sunday, October 11th. Located at 297 Grand Street.

As an extra, the CBE is also collecting children’s books for Amina Chaudri, a librarian and author who, with her son and wagon   walks though the streets of Newburgh giving out books to local kids.  A collection box for Amina is in the Carriage House. Please join us this Sunday!

-Photo from Newburgh Last Saturdays, Lisa Selin Davis

10/02/15 11:30am

23 Gardner Front

The City of Newburgh’s Planning and Development Department plans to highlight one city-owned property for sale each month. This property is located in the northwestern corner of Newburgh. It looks like it would make a nice starter home. The bathroom has been updated and the kitchen has been renovated. Strong preference will be given to an owner-occupant purchaser.

* This is the minimum price. The City of Newburgh will also entertain bids above the asking price. All interested purchasers need to submit a PODA (Private Owner Development Application) . The application is available on-line and at the City of Newburgh’s Planning & Development Office, 83 Broadway, Newburgh, NY.   For additional information call: (845)-569-7387 or (845)-569-9400.

23 Gardner St Newburgh NY
Asking Price: $49,410
Google Map

23 Gardner Bath

23 Gardner Kitchen

23 Gardner Living

10/02/15 9:30am


Photo by NR Flickr user Brian Wolfe. The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue.
Artists tour shines a bright light on Newburgh [THR]
Video about Newburgh artists and creative scene [Phan Media]
A Little Shellfish [Chronogram]
Sidewalk cafes: Silver bullets of walkable places [Better! Cities & Towns]

Add your own photos depicting city life to the Newburgh Restoration flickr pool to be used on the blog, or email me. **Flickr users please do not forgot to remove disabling of downloading of pictures. Otherwise I can’t use them**

10/02/15 7:30am

179 Liberty St Newburgh NY

If you have the cash, this is a nice opportunity to get a house on Liberty Street north of Broadway. It needs to be gutted and there are little to no historic details. However, I suspect this section of Liberty between Broadway and First will be one of the first sections of northern Liberty to turn around. I’ve documented the reasons why many times but to mention them again: the Broadway/Liberty Street intersection will be seeing major changes in the next year with a community park and rehabilitation of 96 Broadway. Across the street is 188 Liberte and around the corner is Quality Row. The homes there are consistently owner-occupied by progressive residents. Dutch artist, Paulien Lethen, just moved there. I’ve heard she has some exciting plans.

179 Liberty St Newburgh NY (C21 Alliance Realty Group)
Asking Price: $39,900
Year Built: 1900
Size: 1,536 sq ft
Neighborhood: MGL
Taxes: $4,667
Distance to NYC: 58.1 mi, 1 hour 9 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
Google Map



10/01/15 7:30am


©Katarina Premfors/Photographers for Hope 2015

You might have seen some out-of-towners running around Newburgh for the past week with cameras and a hunger for stories. They are now coming to the end of their photo project, Newburgh Revival, and would like to invite you to join them for the opening of their photo exhibition.

When: Saturday, October 3rd; 5-8pm

Where: Newburgh Armory Unity Center, 321 South William Street, Newburgh NY, 12550

What is this all about?

Newburgh, one of the country’s most important cities, historically and architecturally. However that proud history, dating back to George Washington and the Revolutionary War, has been overshadowed by economic decline and decay. In the past 40 years, the community has fallen on hard times and struggled repeatedly to pick itself up.

This photo project will tell the stories of ordinary but extraordinary people and organizations that are determined to build a better future for their families and community. They might not know it, but they are already part of a movement to resurrect a great city, a city that is on its way to regaining its past grandeur. These photographs will bring to life stories of entrepreneurship, struggle, resilience and it will give voice to a community that really believes they can change the trajectory of history. Indeed Newburgh’s grandeur, and the heart to this photo project, is not the mansions or the broad streets; its greatness is the spirit of the people who are building and rebuilding their lives.

Their hope is that these photos, taken by 9 photographers from all corners of the world, will inspire people to play a positive role in their own community and for the government and businesses to applaud and support these efforts.

For more information see the Photographers for Hope website.