Photography Exhibition-PIVOTAL, Faces of Change: Newburgh


I’m very excited to share this project that I participated in, PIVOTAL, Faces of Change: Newburgh. This is a photography exhibition that will take place this Friday, September 25 6-9pm at the Thornwillow Institute 7 South Lander Street, Newburgh, NY. Entrance for the event will be thru the side yard with the main doors to the show in the back.

The exhibit is just a keyhole view of the hundreds of people in Newburgh whose contributions are helping to rebuild the city. It is also a view into the Thornwillow Institute- a warehouse, which, for as long as I can remember has never been used as an art venue.

“Newburgh, once a city of innovation, once an “All American City,” Newburgh fell to its knees. Today, right now, there is a real shift. The scale is tipping. A city that so often over the years has been discussed in terms of its potential, but somehow never able to actualize, held back by unseen forces, is now truly beginning to rise back up, poised to regain a position in the Hudson Valley for the 21st century.”

If you are creative minded, or just interested in seeing what change is brewing in Newburgh, do not miss this event. Here, you will get to see photographs and rub shoulders with participants of change in the city that come from many walks of life. The experience will be enhanced by the Live Portrait app which will allow you to see the portraits of your liking. This exhibition/reception serves as the kickoff for the Open Studios event that will be happening for the rest of the weekend. Make a weekend out of it and try to attend them both.

Bravo to all doing such positive and great things in Newburgh!

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