11/02/15 7:30am


The picture of the week comes to you from Newburgh Last Saturdays and Lisa Gervais. There was a special performance at  the Chapman Steamer Firehouse by the new owners. As you can see, there was sidewalk viewing only. But what a wonderful introduction to Newburgh. I love it how each newcomers brings a special skill with them-something that can be shared by all.

-Photos by Lisa Gervais

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10/27/15 7:30am


Newburgh Last Saturdays are back for the month of October with a special event happening. An outdoor dance performance, Nite Lite, will hosted by the new owners of the Chapman Steamer Firehouse. They have a long way to go before opening their doors to visitors, but hopefully this will be the only the first of future events to come.

This is a day when businesses stay open later and special events happen to encourage tourism and economic development of downtown Newburgh. For more information, check out the Facebook fanpage and on social media: #NBLS, #NewburghLastSaturdays, #NBNYARTS, #NBNYMUSIC.

179 Dubois St Newburgh Chapman Steamer Firehouse

07/16/15 7:30am


The Chapman Steamer Firehouse is one of the last few original firehouses (one more here) in the City of Newburgh. Over the years, we have all been watching it carefully to see what will become of it. We were all saddened when the last plans fell through, but happily it has been bought again by a new young couple! There are no details to share as of yet, but this by itself is great news for the property and the surrounding area.

07/29/14 7:30am


Things are getting better in Newburgh, but many feel the city hasn’t quite reached the point of selling the Chapman Steamer Firehouse for $399,000. However, that is exactly what has happened with the Dubois Street property that was rumored to be purchased for around $150,000 by the Corcoran Group. It seems little to no updates have been made to warrant the increase in price, and the lack of interior photos on the listing seem to support that. This is still one of the most unique buildings in the city, but continues to struggle to have any plans to come to fruition. Anyone know any other details? What do you think of the price? Link for the listing is below.

179 Dubois Street Newburgh NY

Agent: Gabriel Keaton, The Corcoran Group (917) 239-2474

08/30/13 10:00am

179 Dubois St Newburgh Chapman Steamer Firehouse

The auction for the Chapman Steamer Firehouse was this past Tuesday, and it sold! An insider said that the auction was held in an awkward hallway inside the courthouse in Goshen. Guess how much the firehouse sold for? The insider says it was hard to hear with all the chaos of people bidding and other people walking through the hallway, but they heard $115,000. And don’t forget, the new owner will have to pay a couple thousand dollars of back taxes. Rumor has it that this might end up being some kind of post production studio, not the artist loft so many hoped for, but we are pretty sure people will take a post production studio just the same.

Many people are saddened that the Chapman Steamer Collective did not get to execute their vision. They have left their mark on Newburgh and for that we all thank you.

08/16/13 7:30am

179 Dubois St Newburgh Chapman Steamer Firehouse

It’s sad to see it happen, but the Chapman Steamer Firehouse is now up for auction. The original owners had grand plans of creating a community center with artist lofts and even an ice cream parlor, but recently they had sent out a plea for help to avoid foreclosure. It is apparent they were unsuccessful.

This is one of the coolest buildings around in Newburgh. It could be anything from artist space to gorgeous lofts, anything is possible. Just take a look at Hudson Beach Glass across the river in Beacon in an old restored firehouse. The chance is now yours, and we’d love to see something creative come to this building. The former owners did make improvements to the property including: re-pointing the entire brick exterior and interior, restoring the windows with low-e double pane windows, and the iron cornice has been restored. Details are below:

179 Dubois St Newburgh NY Auction Listing

PDF with all the property details

Auction Location:
Orange County Courthouse
285 Main Street, 3rd Floor
Goshen, NY 10924

Auction/Sale Date and Time
8/27/13 @ 10:00 am

Tranzon Auction Properties
Michael Foster
Tel: 716-507-9009
Email: mfoster@tranzon.com

Assessed Value:$209,200 (2013 Tax Year)
Taxable Value:$188,300
Annual Taxes-
County/City: $5,528.92
School: $5,240.77