Chapman Steamer Firehouse Back on Market for $399,000


Things are getting better in Newburgh, but many feel the city hasn’t quite reached the point of selling the Chapman Steamer Firehouse for $399,000. However, that is exactly what has happened with the Dubois Street property that was rumored to be purchased for around $150,000 by the Corcoran Group. It seems little to no updates have been made to warrant the increase in price, and the lack of interior photos on the listing seem to support that. This is still one of the most unique buildings in the city, but continues to struggle to have any plans to come to fruition. Anyone know any other details? What do you think of the price? Link for the listing is below.

179 Dubois Street Newburgh NY

Agent: Gabriel Keaton, The Corcoran Group (917) 239-2474

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  • I heard something about thisw property. Apparently, the last owners were renovating it (not sure for what; condos, or commercial space0, but the city nixed the idea because of lack of parking availability. Lack of parking off-street parking is indeed a problem in Newburgh.

    • From what the previous owners told me, it has to do with a sad situation with their lender, and are now in a lawsuit…It was supposed to be a community space, but now it’s being marketed as condos.

  • The County has the present owner still listed as the Chapman Steamer Collective LLC and owing over
    $ 4Gs in unpaid utilities and municipal services. “Sad situation”, if the info is correct, disgusting is more like it as one doesn’t ring up that amount sitting idle. As well, the property was last sold in Sept. of 2008 for $1 and current Cty taxes are $9540 plus school taxes. With an assessed value of $ 188,300 and a building listed in poor condition, the asking price is reaching in terms of ‘price discovery’ imo.