Before and After: 15 Chambers Street

15 Chambers Before

This before and after post is of the old funeral home on Chambers Street. It was hard to imagine this building ever looking anything else than a funeral home, but the new owner, the Newburgh Community Land Bank, has successfully changed the facade into a more appealing building that leaves no hint of an eerie funeral home past. This building will be their new offices and it looks like it will be ready for staff any day now.

If you have your own before and after photos to share of your home exterior or interior and would like to share it on Newburgh Restoration, please email me.

15 Chambers After

13 and 15 Chambers Street Newburgh NY

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  • Looks good, there are plenty of examples of buildings that would make good before/after pictures throughout Newburgh, right now, in the year of our lord, 2014. It shows that there are people here right now that are willing to do the work in restoring the city. Burgh bashing former residents take note!

  • Beautiful NEW LIFE there.

  • Great trees and bank-style landscaping! And those gorgeous concrete sidewalks! What happened to that beautiful slate that- from these photos- showed they were in perfect condition? Oh, silly me, they were dumped in the DMV’s parking lot and disappeared. Amazing what 100 years with good materials will wrought.

    • Hi Michael, I’m trying to figure out what “beautiful slate” you’re referring to. Do you mean in the before or after photo? I’m confused. I can’t really tell from these photos what the sidewalks look like then or now, so I took a look at the before (as of June ’12) Google street view. I’m seeing cracked concrete that looks pretty cruddy:

      Do you mean that the Land Bank installed slate and that it has since been dumped/stolen? Just trying to understand. Thanks!

      At any rate, this looks like a MASSIVE improvement to me. I love the decorative arch that was added to the top, and that landscaping will look great when it fills in.

  • An edifice of symbolism

  • This was my family’s funeral home, the first in Orange County, built in the late 1800’s, and now look at it today! I did want to buy it but I’m happy to see it rejuvenated

    • Therese…
      This may seem odd to ask, during your family’s ownership of the ‘home’ did they/you also reside in any of the upper floors of the adjoined 13 Chambers? A friend of mine owns a home that served as the first jail house in Montgomery NY (the Bodine Residence) and the house definitely has a vibe to it.

      • Walt, Therese did some genealogy and found out she was related to this family. I don’t think she knows details of how the lived.