01/14/16 11:30am

Forum 1

I get a lot of requests to post rentals here on Newburgh Restoration. While real estate will always be a central park of this website, blog posts will only be created for houses that are for sale. This takes some of the work off of me and allows the website to become more functional and resourceful. I realize the benefit of blog posts are the ability to see images, which wasn’t possible in the forum. I have now updated the forum with the ability to add images to forum discussions, and there is a new forum now called “rentals.” Hopefully this will become a valuable way of sharing information.

To post your rental in the form:

  1. Click on the “forum” link in the navigation bar on the home page
  2. Click “start a topic”
  3. You must create a login name if you do not have one already
  4. Write your forum post
  5. Select the correct forum under which you want your post to appear (ex. classified, rentals, etc)
  6. Upload your attachments
  7. Click on “submit”

Forum 2

10/14/14 7:30am


Here on Newburgh Restoration I get a lot of requests to post various kinds of information whether it be an event, a fundraiser, or real estate. This blog is pretty much a one-woman show. Please read the FAQ’s to see what kind of content can be posted to the blog and where you can post your own events.



Photo by NR flickr pool user Brian Wolfe. “Opening for 75th habitat house in Newburgh

02/26/10 8:00am

We just can’t catch a break this winter huh? Very reminiscent of last winter in the photo above. All this ice has damaged the Newburgh dock, and will take 2 weeks to fix according to the Times Herald article.