Here are the answers to some common questions I get here on Newburgh Restoration. If you don’t see your question here, please go to the forum and ask your question there.

Q. How can I get you to post about my property, event or cause?
A. Newburgh Restoration receives many requests to post events to the blog as well as real estate. The blog is run by just one person. Fulfilling all requests is nearly impossible and extremely time consuming. Please see the publishing guidelines to help streamline the process:

Events, Fundraisers, Etc: Community events should be added to the event calendar. They will not be made into blog posts unless decided otherwise. You may sign up for an account and post these events yourself as often as you like. However, events must be in Newburgh and the only events that cannot be posted are those that are of a political, religious, or controversial nature. The community event calendar was implemented as a tool so that all events in the city can be found in one place.

Real Estate: Newburgh properties are featured on Fridays. I randomly choose whatever I think will be of interest to readers. If your property has not been featured and you would like to appear on the blog please email me for sponsored post rates. This applies to real estate agents and to private owners alike. No exceptions.

All Other Topics: I love tips about things happening in the city. Please email me if there is something people in Newburgh should know. Please be advised that submission of information does not guarantee a post as I strive to provide the most relevant information to readers. If your information has not been shared, by all means please use the community forum.  It was also implemented as a tool for the public to share positive and resourceful information.

Q. Can you give me more information on a house I’ve seen?
A. I am not a real estate agent, and the houses you see on this site are found mostly going through the popular real estate websites. If you would like more information on a home, click on the link provided in the post. Any extra information that I might have on a home is mentioned on that particular post. The community forum is a great place to ask locals for more information.

Q. How can I purchase a Rescue Me property?
A. Right now, there is no set system in place to purchase these properties. However, local citizens have created an excellent guide called: Helpful Notes on Buying Property from the City of Newburgh. Other methods: Contact the City of Newburgh Department of Planning and Development. If the property is privately owned, the City will send the owner a letter of interest for their property. It will then be up to the owner to respond to the request if they are interested. If the property is City owned you will be required to fill out an application. Contact Courtney Kain for vacant property information requests. She is the Development Director and is also in charge of property auctions. You should also find out who owns the property by checking out Orange County information search. The last option would be to purchase a property through the Newburgh Land Bank.

Q. Can you locate an original picture of my relative, house, or building?
A. To locate original pictures, I use what is available online. Try the Library of Congress or Hudson River Valley Heritage. Other excellent sources for information that you would have to acquire in person are from the Newburgh Library and Newburgh Historical Society.

Q. Is Newburgh safe?
A. Many Newburgh residents will tell you that they feel very safe. Like any other city, neighborhoods can change block by block and you should make street smart decisions.

Q. Are Newburgh schools any good?
A. Read for yourself what one parent feels about the Newburgh education system and why he sends his children there.