Chapman Steamer Firehouse SOLD

179 Dubois St Newburgh Chapman Steamer Firehouse

The auction for the Chapman Steamer Firehouse was this past Tuesday, and it sold! An insider said that the auction was held in an awkward hallway inside the courthouse in Goshen. Guess how much the firehouse sold for? The insider says it was hard to hear with all the chaos of people bidding and other people walking through the hallway, but they heard $115,000. And don’t forget, the new owner will have to pay a couple thousand dollars of back taxes. Rumor has it that this might end up being some kind of post production studio, not the artist loft so many hoped for, but we are pretty sure people will take a post production studio just the same.

Many people are saddened that the Chapman Steamer Collective did not get to execute their vision. They have left their mark on Newburgh and for that we all thank you.

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  • So glad it sold, it is a really nice building. Exactly what is a post production studio.?

  • Sounds like it will still have an artsy link to help Newburgh further development the art / cinema connection. That a cheap price, but it must need a lot more work too

    • I am sorry that the owners lost it after much hard work and money. I did see the inside recently with the prior owners, and it does require a complete buildout, as they had secured the outer parts first. Having said that, the beautiful building will at least move on to another life, and not be left abandoned. In the end, all good things to all involved in the past and for the future..

  • Glad to hear that it will no longer be in the abandoned state that we have seen for so many years. I am hoping that the new vision is a better alternative!!

  • I see this back up for auction on 14 May.
    Anyone have any updates?

  • The “Collective” buys it for $1 in 09/2008, in 06/2009 the City’s Planning Board was criticized (probably wrongfully) for delaying a site plan and in 10/2010 the “Collective” was reported to be up and running with whatever plan they had.
    Reality was the “Collective” was up and running because they were not paying the municipal taxes/ fees
    ( approx. $33,000 total) nor the mortgage(s) apparently taken out on the property as it was foreclosed on 10/2012 in the amount of $307,000. Poof…and it’s gone. So much for due diligence all around.
    As for the auction transaction in 08/2013, I’m not certain it transpired.