Shopping Crawl a Success

The first ever shopping crawl in Downtown Newburgh was November 24, and oh what a day it was! Twenty-eight businesses participated, offering discounts and specials for shoppers.  We handed out approximately 160 passports and estimate 300 shoppers came downtown. The message was loud and clear, everyone is excited to shop in Newburgh. As one business owner said, “one take away is how many people had never been to Newburgh or hadn’t been in decades.” Overheard many times was, “this is how Newburgh used to be.”

It was a welcome sight, stores so full shoppers were spilling out on to the sidewalk, items selling out, and all the families walking about. “Let’s just walk”, “I haven’t been there in ages” or “have you been to this new place?” were the conversations shoppers were having.

Some shops saw an increase in sales as much as 80% compared to other Saturdays. The event was also covered by Spectrum News and the Times Herald-Record.

Thank you to everyone that participated, whether you shared the event on social media or you came out the day of the crawl. It was a boost of encouragement for everyone to keep going, to keep doing what they love.

The shopping crawl was featured on Spectrum News as well as a full page spread in the Times Herald-Record.

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  • I didn’t make it downtown on Saturday; off at the North East Regional Race with my grandson, but I am so happy and delighted that this special day was organized, and others got to see just how great Newburgh is becoming. I’m wondering if next year, perhaps we get even more people involved by having the tree lighting the same day? It would extend the day, and bring even more people downtown.