Weekly Link Round Up

The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue. Cher Vick

What if citizens set the city budgets? [CL]
Local shops get big results on Small Business Saturday [THR]
Small-Business Confidence Stays at Near-Record High [WSJ]
Newburgh Businesses Host First Joint Small Business Saturday [SN]
Why Black Neighborhoods Are Valued Less Than Other Neighborhoods [NC]
City mails first notices for vacant building owners on new registry in Akron [ABJ]

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One Comment

  • Asset values do not have a direct correlation with demand. Neighborhoods, regardless of demographic, will see an increase in property values if, in totality, there is a demand ‘relative to supply’, an “accommodative” monetary policy (something articles like this are either ignorant to or avoiding which is ironic considering how just a small increase in rates is demonstrating how this wealth effect is b.s.) and income supports those two. Metro areas are “valued” higher because they generally offer a higher income relative to employment. The author is lost as to why black neighborhoods did not,do not, have the propensity to bid up property values. Really?
    – Having a majority decide how individual tax derived dollars is spent is tyrannical regardless of who’s doing the dictating. In segregating money into a mandate, while subsidizing one group’s agenda forces another to do that which they may oppose or is subject to their opinion. A better alternative, would be to offer tax credits for tax dollars based on the individual’s spending discretion. Obviously a baseline is necessary, i.e. infrastructure spending, in order to establish this “equitable” governing budget process.
    …thanks, as always, for the reads Cher