Small Business Saturday in Newburgh 2019

From the organizers of the Shop Downtown Newburgh, we want to say thank you to all who participated in the shopping small event. It was so exciting to see crowds reaching new parts of the city as they went to discover some of the new businesses that have opened up this year.

As I walked the streets I heard people comment about the spirit of shopping downtown and “this is how it is supposed to be.” Small businesses give a sense of wonder and unexpected excitement that make a city come to life. I watched as people bumped into friends they hadn’t seen in years. They said, “let’s go grab a cup of coffee and catch up,” like a scene out of romantic comedy set in a big city – except it was Newburgh.

My personal hope is that this event, and others like it create positive conversations, spark imaginations, and ignite development in our city. Out of the 38 businesses that participated this year, 8 had opened this year alone. The shopping event focuses on the Liberty St/Broadway intersection and corridors, but the city is so much bigger than that. There is opportunity for those that are hungry. We have a whole city waiting for you.