Café Colombia Coming to Broadway

A few weeks ago I did a post on Colombian and Ecuadorian restaurants opening in Newburgh. It looks like I missed one! Café Colombia will be opening up at 350 Broadway in January 2020, next to Newburgh staples – Rockland Bakery and Tony’s Newburgh Lunch.

The future owners, John and Olga Perez also own ATAX Income Tax, which has been in the city since 2013. They will be open breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you have never had Colombian food, you are in for a treat. Definitely try an arepa, pan de queso, and a bandeja paisa! Here’s a sample of the menu:


  • Arepas with cheese
  • Fried arepas with eggs
  • Empanadas  
  • Breakfast sandwiches 
  • Pan de queso (fresh baked cheese bread)

Lunch /Dinner

  • Arepa rellenas ( filled arepa sandwiches with various meats and cheeses)
  • Colombian style hot dogs and hamburgers 
  • Sandwiches, soup, and salads
  • Lunch specials 
  • Bandeja paisa (famous and typical Colombian dish)
  • Fried red snapper
  • Grilled shrimp, grilled beef and chicken kabobs