More Newburgh Port Details


More details have surfaced about creating a port in the City of Newburgh from a recent THR article. According to the article, the new port could bring 150 jobs to the area over three years. However, concerns of who will get these jobs have been raised. Newburgh residents have expressed concerns over noise and citizens in Beacon are worried what the proposed port could do to their river views. Still, many have pointed out that Newburgh’s waterfront was always an industrial one and a return to its industrial roots is just reviving what used to exist.

If the company bidding on the project, Steelway, wins, work could begin as early as April and be completed as soon as the summer. We will know if this could be coming to Newburgh for sure in a few weeks when the contract is awarded.

Port expected to be built in Newburgh, Plan: transport TZB decking [THR]
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Bipartisan Federal, State and Local Leaders Commend First Step in Establishing Newburgh Port [Sean Maloney]

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  • Great for Newburgh. Sad to learn it may mean the loss of the Newburgh Rowing club boathouse, home to both NRC and the NFA Crew team. Hope something can be worked out.

  • I think it’s horrifying. 150 jobs to lose the River to industry, more pollution (visual, noise, etc.). I don’t want to live in Bayonne! Look at the rendering of the barge loaded with containers! Another Land grab by developers!

  • People like local resident Pete Seeger and many others have spent decades working to clean up the Hudson and fighting corporate interests to maintain the natural beauty that is our Hudson Valley. So my concern runs deep for a variety of reasons. Some of them are:
    Increased Traffic
    Water pollution
    Disruption of Waterfront access

    Yes, there used to be an industrial port here in Newburgh, but I am not convinced turning back the clock 100 years is a good idea. I’d rather be working towards the future.
    Why won’t they dock and off load materials closer to where it has to go, using areas in Rockland or Westchester, near where the bridge is to be built? Well i’m not sure, but I have my suspicions. Somebody stands to make a lot of $ from this, and it’s not the Newburgh residents.
    Well, that’s my 2 cents. For what it’s worth.

  • Not all jobs are created on site. For example, 10 on site jobs might create 2 off site jobs. The person now delivering to the site would be an off site job. The property features deep water access which is very hard to find. This area is already surrounded by oil tanks so I can’t see how this is going to impact anyone’s view or change the existing panoramic. It’s already a heavy industrial area not really that different then driving by the oil tank fields that are on the New Jersey Turnpike. The city of Newburgh has the opportunity to capture part of the $5 billion being spent on the Tappan zee bridge project, this is good for the city.

  • We are so quick to approval a project if there are jobs to be had. However, we should consider the environmental impact on the City and Hudson river. This could possibly create noise and pollution.

  • Well, at least the project didn’t get a PILOT / sarc. I question the further strain on the city’s century old infrastructure that this project will have both during the build and once it is operating. The city cannot manage the water/gas line leaks now. The decades old out of sight / out of mindset has run its’ course.

  • You can definitely expect an increase in truck traffic through the city as those containers get off/on loaded.