New Bakery/Restaurant Coming to Liberty Street! Martha

Martha Newburgh

This is a new bakery/restaurant/sandwich shop that will be coming to Liberty Street this Spring! It has been in the works for quite some time now but things are quickly taking shape as you can see from the lovely font in the new shop windows. The new shop Martha, is the creation behind the mastermind of the Queen of the Hudson Music Series, David Ludwig. He is a resident of the City of Newburgh. The establishments name, Martha, was inspired by Martha Washington. As Ludwig said, “[everything] was always about George.” Now Martha will get some limelight. This is a start-up business that has been backed by local Newburghers who want to see the business district of Newburgh grow. It will be a vegan cafe and bakery with tapas soon to be added. Hours will be 6am-6pm.

We can’t wait to share more details as the shop materializes but until then make sure you become a fan of their Facebook page, Martha.

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  • That’s agreat way to bring attention to Newburgh’s past glory!!!

  • Love to see any new business opening up in Newburgh. Go Newburgh!!

  • Maybe some French pastries?

  • Awesome. There’s been a void since Barbara sold Machiatto!

  • Machiatto wasn’t that great even when Barbara owned it.. It was still over priced… Hours of operation were horrible..She wasn’t friendly & the food was ok..The whole cafe thing is still missing in the City of Newburgh… So i welcome Martha w/ hopes of great food& descent prices.. And the hours it will be open are awesome..

  • BRAVO for “Martha” What a great culinary addition!!..AND the revitalization gains momentum in THE BURGH!!

  • I completely agree with everything you said Liz. She was not very friendly, the hours were terrible, but I thought the food good, not great (you had to know what you liked, and stick to it). But she did have a certain flair or style that made the cafe a nice place to go. I too am loving the 6am-6pm hours for Martha and hope it will be a nice addition to Liberty Street.

  • I am happy there are now going to be two…and people can have choices..and more activity on Liberty! Thanks to both Claudio at Macchiato and David at the soon to be opened Martha’s for taking these on..

  • I’m just so happy for Liberty!!! Thanks and Congrat to David,I really can’t wait…As Gerardo,I also hope there will be some french pastries but I still will enjoy my $3.00 nutella croissant from cafe macchiatto,so good! Liberty GO!!!

  • Thanks to all who are committed to our city! Martha will serve up great food and delicious coffee roasted across the river in Beacon. I just want to clarify that along with gluten-free, and vegan items, Martha will include regionally sourced organic meats and cheeses too. After a decade of strict vegetarianism and nearly four years of strict veganism, I have found a place for it all, and we hope to satisfy everyone’s desires….Thanks, David and Martha

  • Good luck & blessings to you, David! We enjoyed our visit this morning!