Sneak Peek Inside Renovated Westshore Trainstation

The completion of the rehab of the Westshore Train Station is just about finished. I have been interested in this building since it was a shell with no roof, so it was really exciting to take a tour of the nearly completed space. (Click here for gallery of photos before the station was restored). In just a few weeks the Railroad Playhouse (open house will be Nov 20 & 21) and the Pizza Shop (opening mid-December) will be open and you will be able to see for yourself how amazing the transformation is. Click here for grand opening pictures.

The story of the Westshore Train Station is a common story in Newburgh. This post shows the potential of all the treasures Newburgh holds. It could be as simple as restoring a small cottage, restoring the Liberty Street School, or the City Club. Each building has history and,  the more buildings that are saved, the closer Newburgh comes to its renaissance. Hopefully others will be inspired to join in.

**Oh and an update about parking (a question many of you have had), 60 parking spaces have been painted on Water Street right in front of the train station. Click here to receive email updates from Newburgh Restoration. Click here to follow us on Facebook.

The Pizza Shop’s counter space looking into the kitchen

Old Newburgh and Westshore Train Station photos for the walls

Entrance into the Pizza Shop seating area

WiFi area for laptops and workspace

Doorway for outside terrace

Exterior view of outside terrace

Entryway ceiling

View of SUNY Orange Community College directly in front of the station. The Pizza Shop is meant to be a more affordable venue to attract a diverse range of people

Double doorway on the right for entrance into the Railroad Playhouse. The middle doorway leads to the second level below the station.

The Railroad Playhouse. It is painted in black so that it can be a versatile venue that can change with each performance. It’s gorgeous!

The train station has about 4 floors, 2 of which are underground and connect to a tunnel. In the future there might be a possible use for these spaces. Only time will tell!

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