City of Newburgh 2014 Signage Program


Would you like to change the signage of your business in the City of Newburgh? The city has just made the following announcement regarding grants that will be available for $500. You can find more info here:

Signage Grants are available for businesses and residential properties within the City of Newburgh, with priority given to those either along Broadway or within Census Tracts 4 and 5. The grant is a 50/50 grant with a maximum grant amount is $500.

Property owners will be required to address code compliance issues and substandard living conditions which affect the health and safety of occupants in order to be eligible for funding.

Signage monies will either be paid directly to the vendor or reimbursed to the applicant once the proper documentation has been received by the Planning and Development Department. Applicants are also required to maintain the signage for a minimum of three (3) years. Projects that are within the City of Newburgh’s Historic District will require approval from the Architectural Review Commission (ARC) before work begins. The ARC meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month and applications must be submitted to the ARC Secretary (located at 123 Grand Street) no later than the 3rd Monday of the month prior to the scheduled meeting. For more information on the ARC call (845) 569-7400.

Signage Program Process
The following documents MUST be included with the application for project approval. Incomplete applications and/or those without supporting documentation will not be accepted.
1. A minimum of two (2) “BEFORE” photographs of building including a full-size picture of the building (photographs will become property of the City of Newburgh and used at its discretion).
2. If business owner is not the owner of record for the property, a copy of the lease must be submitted.
3. Specifications of the signage from the preferred vendor including dimensions, colors, lettering.
4. Copies of at least three (3) written quotes.